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Cat Crazed is a fun and irreverent take on an important environmental story: the world's unprecedented cat overpopulation crisis. The cat is the world's most popular pet – and the most disposable. Some 100 million cats, domestic and wild, roam the North American landscape, wreaking havoc on native flora and fauna – and forcing well-meaning humans to take sides in a cat-bird war. It's become clear that we don't have a cat problem, we have a human problem.

The species at the top of the food chain needs to get a grip on practical humane solutions that can save the lives of cats and birds. Cat Crazed celebrates our love affair with felines and encourages a new relationship where all cats are loved and none are abandoned.

A series of animations by Cordell Barker is interwoven into the film. In Cat Crazed, the Oscar-nominated Barker channels the mythic cat personality captured in his classic 1987 film The Cat Came Back.

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