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This year documentary Channel is debuting 4 of our upcoming docs at Hot Docs first! And that's not all! documentary Channel is hosting free docs for seniors (60+) and students that start before 5 pm. Show your valid ID and pick up your tickets at the screening venue's box office on the day of the screening, subject to availability. 


Don has been polishing shoes in Manhattan for over 15 years. Once an accountant and pastry chef, he’s now a shiner and showman, a street corner philosopher who plies his trade in the public eye.

This cinematic travelogue illuminates an eclectic range of charming shoe shiners and their working conditions around the world, from a simple wooden box full of tools to a high-end shoe salon. The contrasts are striking between a boutique service in Japan that rivals a tea ceremony’s attention to detail and a mother in La Paz, Bolivia, who has worked outdoors since she was 16 to provide for her children. Though they share a common calling, these entrepreneurs bring their own special touches to their trade.

Seamlessly blending individual portraits while highlighting their collective humanity, director Stacey Tenenbaum walks a mile in her subjects’ shoes to elevate this unassuming vocation to an art form. Join the team from @CBCDocs at the theatre for the premiere event for a free shoe shine!  BUY TICKETS


Let There Be Light

The most expensive and complex science experiment ever conducted is a current attempt to build an artificial sun on Earth. If it works—and that’s a big if—it means cheap, clean energy for the entire globe. If it’s a bust, naysayers and fossil fuel fans win.

Dedicated scientists from the world’s wealthiest countries are collaborating in an effort to turn nuclear fusion from theory into sustainable practice. Out of public view in the French countryside, they’re in a race against time before funding expires and political will weakens.

Set against the monstrous scale of this project and its science fiction–like qualities, maverick engineers in improvised laboratories hustle to achieve the same results for a fraction of the cost. In the process, they’re courting independent investors who are gambling on the potential for humanity’s biggest breakthrough since we learned to control fire.   BUY TICKETS

You're Soaking In It

Advertising is inescapable. It covers public spaces, punctuates the airwaves and fills our personal screens with a sole purpose: to influence our behaviour. It has evolved and adapted to each technological wave, from print to TV and the Internet, selling everything from shampoo to politicians.

From Madison Avenue to Silicon Valley, Scott Harper deconstructs advertising’s pervasive presence through a comprehensive and engaging look at the dynamic changes it has made over the past half century — shifting from “mad men” to “math men.” Every mouse click and swipe makes caveat emptor ever more urgent and difficult.

As Big Data provides an exciting new frontier for industries to target their campaigns to individuals, the era of splashy billboards and catchy jingles may have given way to a much more sophisticated means of tapping into our subconscious. What happens when companies know you better than you know yourself?  BUY TICKETS

Rebels on Pointe

Once upon a time, the ballet was considered part of popular culture. Today, many call it an elitist art form dominated by women with a specific body type.

Countering all these trends, New York City’s Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo is again opening the art form to a wider audience. By mixing high art with clever camp, the talented drag ballerinas of this dance troupe skillfully bring ballet classics to stages worldwide.

Through their unique blend of humour and talent, the Trockaderos have amassed a dedicated following in countries like Japan, Canada and Scotland. Rebels on Pointe not only highlights the groundbreaking work of this unique ensemble, it also goes behind the tutus and makeup to reveal the talented men who work to diversify the art form. BUY TICKETS

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