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Where the Wild Men Are

Four-episode series airs Wednesdays at 10pm starting Nov. 5

A complex character with a troubled past, Ben Fogle discovers how this lone westerner ditched the hunt for the American dream, adopted a native family and adapted to an alien culture.

Episode 1 - Georgia, USA (Nov. 5, 10pm)
Adventurer Ben Fogle journeys to the swamplands of Georgia in the South East of the USA, to live with Colbert, a former city fat cat earning big bucks in the world of finance, who turned jungle Tarzan. Ben joins Colbert in his hand-built wooden cabin, totally off the grid and with no toilet - a far cry from his $3⁄4million luxury pad he used to own in the nearest town.Ben learns vital survival skills to survive in this dangerous back-water -skinning road-kill, spearing frogs, drinking swamp water, building a human nest and discovering his host is also a sex guru!Facing the dangers of living in the wild, humidity and mosquitoes, Ben embraces what it's like to truly live alone in one of the biggest swamps in North America.

Episode 2 - India (Nov. 12, 10pm)
Adventurer Ben Fogle journeys to the foothills of the Indian Himalayas to live with former fighter pilot, Steve Lall. Steve turned his back on Indian high society for a simple farmer's life in the mountains. He's fought for decades to protect his tiny private wilderness in one of the world's most burgeoning countries.Ben joins this mountain dwelling renegade and his family in their remote, isolated home, a steep 2km climb from the nearest road. Hegets hands-on with their harsh subsistence lifestyle, from ploughing with buffalo, chasing monkeys and human intruders, to the more surreal grave-digging and naked meditation. Ben discovers that the hardships of this remote location, is also the key to its beauty.

Episode 3 - Philippines (Nov. 19, 10pm)
Adventurer Ben Fogle journey to one of the 7000 remote tropical islands in the Philippines to live with American 'Jungle Neil' Hoag, a former cabbie from Florida who struggled to make a living before finding the love of his life on the other side of the world.Ben joins coconut farmer Neil and his young family in their hill-side bamboo house, where Neil is the 'only white man' in his jungle village.Daily life is harsh and the climate unforgiving - Ben kills a chicken,learns to slaughter a pig, suffers the consequences of the local brew and does the school-run native transport style.

Episode 4 - Panama (Nov. 26, 10pm)
Adventurer Ben Fogle journeys to an island off the coast of Panama,Central America to live with the first Brit of the series, Ian Usher - a former dump-truck driver who sold 'his life' on Ebay and bought hisown, tiny island for £30,000.Ben lives with Ian in his self-built 'off the grid' house, complete with compost toilet and rainwater tanks. Island life is humid and wet, the boys build jungle canoes, herd sheep onto boats and broadcast weather reports via a basic radio.Ben meets the latest twist in Ian's tale - a new girlfriend, fellow-Brit,Vanessa whom Ian met just a few months ago. She has now decided to quit her job and sell her house for a 'new life in the wild' with Ian.