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Letters from Pyongyang

Monday, June 16 at 11:30pm ET

Letters from Pyongyang is a film that offers an incredibly rare glimpse into an exceptional family reunion in the North Korean capital. Most family reunions are facilitated by the Red Cross in Korea and negotiated by both governments - which are, unfortunately for the families, dependent on the relations between the two Koreas. When relations are good, the reunions are on the table. When relations are bad as it was in recent years, the reunions are 'postponed' until further notice. The reunions facilitated by the two Koreas are held in a tourist resort on the North Korean side but rarely are families allowed to travel to either of the capital cities.

In Letters from Pyongyang, filmmaker Jason Lee actually travels to the North Korean capital of Pyongyang with his father in search of lost relatives separated for over a
half-century. "A most poignant film," as stated by the Spokesperson for the UN Secretary General, Martin Nesirky, Letters from Pyongyang is truly an exceptional and emotional film that captures the tragedy of a family while unveiling the historical context that resulted in thousands of divided families and divided a nation that had been unified for centuries before.