How to Build a Time Machine

From filmmaking to physics, controlling mortality has long been a creative and scientific pursuit. Fixated on the possibility of conquering time, two men find inspiration by bringing facets of H.G. Wells' 1895 novel The Time Machine to life. Animator Rob Niosi has devoted years to obsessively replicating the time machine prop from the 1960 feature film adaptation. Meanwhile, theoretical physicist Ron Mallett has dedicated his lifetime of research to better understanding black holes and their time portal potential. Both are driven by personal tragedies that time won't heal. Using Niosi's meticulous construction of his replica machine set against archival material where he describes the mechanics of motion pictures, Jay Cheel crafts an entertaining exploration of the power of film to act as a gateway to the fourth dimension. These cinematic visuals entwine with Mallett's compelling explanation of how science fiction might not be that far-fetched after all.

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