Behind the Red Carpet

Behind The Red Carpet introduces us to the movers, shakers and key players behind all the happenings and craziness of TIFF. We follow five lead characters who are the top in their field and highlight secondary characters such as publicists, party goers, restaurant owners, stylists and bodyguards as they navigate their way through one of largest film festivals in the world. Toronto/New York based PR Maven Natasha Koifman of NKPR, takes us into the trenches of talent handling, event planning, media relations and red carpet mayhem. We also shine the spotlight on a foremost journalist, Chris Jancelewicz, Lead Entertainment Editor for Moviefone and Huffington Post Canada, as he juggles his schedule in order to cover everything festival-related while dealing with his pressure-fuelled deadlines. Then, there is Casie Stewart, world famous blogger, who is the life of the party and has more Twitter followers than publicists and celebrities have on a good day. We also tag along with George Pimentel, Canada's most renowned celebrity photographer. Finally, Pierre Jutras, President of The Spoke Club, provides us unprecedented access to the pre-eminent private members club that boasts an illustrious group of affluent membersincluding recipients of Academy Awards and Grammys. We expose celebrity trade secrets while at the same time revealing what really goes on behind the red carpet.

Our five leading characters have their own individual agendas, sometimes competing, other times complementary. We meet our main characters prior to the film festival as they are involved in the throes of planning and preparation, finalizing details for parties and junkets, organizing their schedules and teams simultaneously, trying to bank their sleep... this is the quiet before the storm. We learn how each of our characters mentally and physically prepare themselves before taking on TIFF. From laying out designer digs that will wear each day of the festival, to taking in a Zen moment, we explore their poor diets and bad habits. There is a distinct contrast among the ranks of the red carpet.

Once opening day of the film festival descends upon us, it's full speed ahead... maximum adrenaline.... Our key players are now thrown into the pressure cooker as they try their very best to please and work with biggest and brightest stars from around the globe.

After the whirlwind of TIFF...which of our characters is left standing...who has had the most success, who has thrown in the towel and who is ready for more?

Behind The Red Carpet cuts through the smoke and mirrors of the entertainment biz in order to provide viewers with access to the players behind the flashing lights....

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