The Devil’s Trap

He was 18 years-old when he was excommunicated from a fundamentalist Protestant cult. At 24, a young ex-cult member takes a three week leave from the Navy to embark on a cross-Country journey to re-unite with his estranged family.


Killer Confessions

When detectives sit with killers inside the interrogation room, anything can happen.


The Tea Explorer

Canadian tea junkie Jeff Fuchs travels China's ancient Tea Horse Road in search of the perfect cup.


New York: America’s Busiest City

Go to the heart of one of the world’s most crowded and thriving cities to find out how New Yorkers get about, how they eat and how they relax.


Elton John: The Nation’s Favourite Song

From Rocket Man to I'm Still Standing, Your Song to Candle In The Wind, alongside Bernie's own stories, Elton reveals how his classic songs came about in a top 20 countdown



From white trash kid to world record power lifter, Matt Kroczaleski faces his most challenging feat of strength yet: becoming a woman.



From the street shiners of New York City, to the masked ‘lustras’ of La Paz, Shiners travels the world to show you what it means to be a shoe shiner.


The River of My Dreams

Multi-award-winning actor Gordon Pinsent is one of Canada’s most beloved performers, directors and writers, and after an illustrious six decade career, he shows no signs of slowing down.


Memento Mori ​

With remarkable access to Canada’s busiest organ-transplant hospital, this documentary brings viewers face-to-face with stories of life and death, and the impossible decisions that tragedy demands.


HERStory in Black

HERstory in Black gathered 150 women for a photo shoot to celebrate their life experiences and achievements. Eight of these women tell their inspiring stories and how they are making a difference in their communities.


Body Hack with Todd Sampson

Join Todd Sampson as he tackles some of the biggest challenges of his life using science as his guide.


The Guardians

A cautionary tale examining systemic abuse of elderly people in Las Vegas revealing the consequences of unchecked power.


Hadwin’s Judgement

A hybrid docudrama chronicling the true story of THE GOLDEN SPRUCE, spellbinding environmentalism, obsession and myth.


How To Prepare For Prison

The high-stakes, dramatic stories of three families as they prepare for possible prison.


Shadows of Paradise

With intimate access to two of Transcendental Meditation's leaders - filmmaker David Lynch and dedicated disciple Bobby Roth - Shadows of Paradise documents the Movement's metamorphosis following the death of founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.


Secret Life of Dogs (Season 2)

Why have we developed such a unique and long-lasting relationship with our four-legged friends?


A Stranger in My Home

Your house should be a place where you feel most comfortable, but to someone who wants to pose a threat, there's no better way to get inside your life than to get inside your home.


Melody Makers

MELODY MAKERS captures the birth of music journalism during the zeitgeist of rock n’ roll.