Feature Programs

Ariel (documentary Original Production)

After an industrial dough mixer shreds Ariel's legs, he rebuilds his identity by inventing prosthetic limbs that will carry him toward a new life of transhumanity. Director Laura Bari follows his journey.
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Forbidden Voices

Their voices are suppressed, prohibited and censored. But world-famous bloggers Yoani Sánchez, Zeng Jinyan and Farnaz Seifi are not frightened of their dictatorial regimes. These fearless women stand for a new, networked generation of modern rebels.
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Shameless Propaganda

Some have called the documentary Canada's national art form. If it is, the foundations of that art were laid by the National Film Board in the first six years of its existence, 1939-45, under the inspired vision and watchful eye of John Grierson, its first Commissioner.
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The World's Most Dangerous Roads

Celebrities including Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville and adventurer Charlie Borman tackle some of the world's most infamous roads.
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