OJ: Trial of the Century
A gripping examination of former NFL star OJ Simpson's murder trial, the first televised LIVE from the courtroom. 20 years on, the real life drama continues to act as an allegory for issues of race & domestic violence.
Sunday, October 26 at 10 PM ET/PT
The Cholesterol Question
If high cholesterol equals heart attacks, why do half of the victims have “normal” levels?
Thursday, October 30 at 8 PM
Superstitious Minds
We embrace our superstitions even though we live in the most scientifically advanced time in all of history. Is superstition the tonic we need to face a more frightening world?
Thursday, October 30 at 9 PM
Thirty miles from the Arctic Circle, in the northern Icelandic town of Husavik, stands the Icelandic Phallological Museum - the world's only Penis museum. Over 40 years, the founder and curator has collected every specimen from every mammal except for one elusive penis needed to complete his collection: The Human Specimen.
Sunday, November 2 at 9 PM ET

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Personal Home Assessment Tool

Is your home prepared for extreme weather? Get a personal home assessment with home expert Nick Jardine.

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Predicting the Future

Key figures - both past and present - and their stunning predictions for the future.

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Love, Hate & Propaganda: War on Terror

Nine days after the 9-11 attacks on America, President George Bush declared War on Terror. This two part series examines the role propaganda played leading up to Bush’s declaration and the subsequent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Top Superstitions Explained

Why do cats have nine lives? Why are horseshoes considered lucky? Learn about the real life origins of some top superstitions.

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Sex - in the Animal - World

Which species is the sexiest? The deadliest? And the most faithful? Find out here.

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The Great Human Odyssey: That Sinking Feeling

Looking for a lost tradition in Palau (and never finding it)

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