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Two of a Kind
Director Leora Eisen asks why her identical twin was diagnosed with leukemia and she wasn't. A look at how twins are solving medical mysteries as researchers examine the differences between them.
Thursday, November 27 at 8 PM
The Psychopath Next Door
Most of us think of the psychopath as a serial killer but most are not physically violent criminals and they live among us undetected. Charming, manipulative and ruthless, these are the “snakes in suits” who don’t rob the bank, but instead become a director of it.
Thursday, November 27 at 9 PM
Private Violence
Takes us behind closed doors to reveal the personal stories of 2 women who are fighting to change society’s attitude towards domestic violence & how it's dealt with by the justice system.
Sunday, November 30 at 10 PM ET/PT

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