The Mystery of the Monsoon
A look at the vast seasonal weather system that permeates and unifies India, shaping the conditions of existence for its billion-plus inhabitants.
Thursday, January 29 at 8 PM
A TV Renaissance
In the online age, the death of television has been widely predicted. But guess what? TV is going through a renaissance and Canadians at home and abroad are in the thick of it. From HBO to Netflix, TV has never been more popular.
Thursday, January 29 at 9 PM
Life Story: Power
An animal must now win its own secure space in the world. Competition is intense. But finding a home is just the start of an animal’s problems. It must be prepared to defend it from all comers … whatever that takes.
Sunday, February 1 at 8 PM
Watchers of the Sky
Four stories of remarkable courage, compassion, and determination, while setting out to uncover the forgotten life of Raphael Lemkin - the man who created the word "genocide," and believed the law could protect the world from mass atrocities.
Sunday, February 1 at 9 PM ET
The Queen of Versailles
A funny lurid tale of a billionaire family who set out to build the biggest house in the U.S., a palace like Versailles, & what happens to them & their dream when the market crashes. Sundance Award Winner.
Sunday, February 1 at 10 PM ET/PT

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Ingenious Homes and Shelters

From calling dibs on a new property to bumming off some friends, see some of the ingenious ways that animals make unique homes.

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Monsoon: Before and After

The most dramatic monsoon in the world happens in India. A look at the Western Ghats — before — and after.

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TV in Canada: A History

When the first Canadian television broadcasts started in 1952, nobody could have imagined the massive impact the flickering box in the corner would eventually have on our daily lives. A look at the milestones of Canadian TV.

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The Great Human Odyssey: Sneak Peak

Why are we the last of the walking apes? How did humans settle the planet? Come on an adventure of discovery with anthropologist Niobe Thompson. Coming February 12.

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Trek of the Titans

Halifax filmmakers Teresa MacInnes and Kent Nason talk about how they filmed leatherback turtles in Nova Scotia and Trinidad - including strapping a Go Pro to the turtle's back.

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The Family Farmer

Create and manage your own virtual farm with The Family Farmer, an interactive documentary game.

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