Omar Khadr: Out of the Shadows
Former Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr, out on bail after 13 years, speaks for the first time in an exclusive interview.
Thursday, May 28 at 9 PM
Where Am I?
Explore the skills we use to find our way around. Some of us seem to always know where we are, while others rarely do. What makes the difference?
Thursday, May 28 at 8 PM
Revenge of the Electric Car
Sequel to "Who Killed the Electric Car?" follows the auto industry's high stakes race to build the next generation electric car with behind-the-scenes access to the fierce competition between the big car companies & their visionaries.
Sunday, May 31 at 10 PM ET/PT
Blind Spot: Moments Unseen
Travel with three visually impaired adventurers who journey by horseback into the heart of the Andes.
Tuesday, June 2 at 8 PM ET

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The Great Human Odyssey

Winner of 5 Rosie Awards this weekend including: best documentary, best director and best website!

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Women Who Owned Their Desire and Changed the World

Meet eleven women in history and literature who paved the way for a modern sexual revolution.

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Blind Spot

Journey by horseback into the heart of the Andes with three blind riders. There is more to seeing than sight. Explore our online documentary.

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Test Your Spatial Orientation Skills

Are you one of the 2% who have DTD (Developmental Topographical Disorientation) disorder? Find out.


One Ocean Online

Play games and learn about the creatures under the seas on our our award-winning website.

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Bringing Up Baby

From elephants to gorillas to leatherback turtles, big wildlife all over the planet is under threat. To keep these species from going extinct, several groups have stepped in to offer a helping hand.

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