Dreamcatcher looks at a troubled community through the eyes of one of its survivors, Brenda Myers-Powell. Brenda grew up in Chicago, became a teenage prostitute, developed a drug addiction, and years later came out the other side. Brenda’s experience puts her in a unique position to help other trafficked women reclaim their lives.
Sunday, October 11 at 10 PM ET/PT
SEASON PREMIERE: Moose: A Year in the Life of a Twig Eater
Experience a calf’s first year of life as it grows up in Jasper National Park amid some of the most striking scenery on the planet.
Thursday, October 15 at 8 PM
NEW SERIES: The Woman Who Joined the Taliban
Beverley Giesbrecht was a successful Canadian publishing executive and devout Christian living near Vancouver, before the events of September 11th changed her life forever. Within seven months Beverley had converted to Islam and was on a path that would lead to her kidnapping and disappearance in the Taliban heartlands.
Thursday, October 15 at 9 PM
The Possibilities are Endless
The incredible story of Edwyn Collins, a songwriter who had the contents of his mind effectively deleted after experiencing a stroke.
Tuesday, October 20 at 9 PM

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Mental Illness Awareness Week

Remember that the person in crisis is a human who is loved by family. Here's what you can do to help as a bystander.

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A Year Tracking Moose in Jasper National Park

Hugo Kitching spent 13 months tracking moose to intimately capture a calf’s first year of life. He ate a lot of bacon - and other tales about his year outdoors.

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Map of Allergies Around the World

Food allergies in children vary from place to place and researchers are trying to understand why.

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Royal and Their Unusual Pets

The Royals were once gifted a pet croc - which the Queen's private secretary housed in his tin bath until it could be passed on to the London Zoo.

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Telling Beverly Giesbrecht’s Tragic Story

“I wanted to explore what makes someone leave their world behind, at a late stage in her life, and immerse themselves in a society that is completely alien to them.” - Producer Vanessa Dylyn

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