The Antibiotic Hunters
Increasing resistance to antibiotics has been called “the most pressing global health problem of our time”. A new documentary travels to an ocean reef, a rainforest canopy, a frigid cave and even the mouth of a giant lizard – all in the urgent search for new antibiotics.
Thursday, March 5 at 8 PM
Love Under Cuban Skies
More single women are travelling to Cuba for sex. Many are in their 30’s and some end up in long distance relationships with Cuban men - sometimes leading to marriage. What motivates them? We tell the intimate stories of several couples and explore whether this is sexual liberation or exploitation.
Thursday, March 5 at 9 PM
India’s Daughter
The rape that shocked the world and sparked riots and protests all over India. Grieving parents AND one of the rapists tell the story of the night a young woman was brutally gang raped and murdered. The short and inspiring life of Jyoti Singh sheds light on the tragic problem of systemic violence against women in India.
Sunday, March 8 at 10 PM ET/PT
Hearts of Tango
A film about immigration, multiculturalism, and the passion for Tango. A collection of short stories that will touch your heart, and will invite you to dance.
Tuesday, March 10 at 8 PM ET

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The Great Human Odyssey

Turning boys into men in a secret ceremony - that women from their own culture are prohibited from watching. Explore our interactive web documentary.

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Inspiring Parents of Transgender Children

“We’re not just blue and pink.” These supportive parents are changing the conversation for transgender children.

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Okpik’s Dream

Follow the remarkable story of an Inuit man and his sled dogs.

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Romance Cubano Style

Not just for men - women are flocking south in search of sex and romance. Their top destination? Cuba.

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New and Unusual Places We’ll Soon be Seeing Drones

From the stage, to the farm and on the racetrack. Within a few years, drones will be everywhere!

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