When did you face the odds?

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Photo by Susan Jehnichen


Mar. 30/Apr. 9

At some point in our lives we've all asked the question: what are the chances? From unexpected pregnancies to lottery wins - facing the odds can be an exciting, nerve-wracking, disappointing, thrilling experience. 

So this week, DNTO wonders: when did you face the odds, and what happened next? Did things go your way... or not?


Costis.jpgHow would you feel if your entire town won the lottery but you were left empty handed? When the Spanish village of Sodeto won $950 million in the country's biggest draw, Costis Mitsotakis was the only resident left out. Ouch. 

Leading up to the Athens Olympics in 2004, Canadian track star Perdita Felicien was at the top of her game, and after years of dedication and training the Gold Medal in 100m Hurdles was hers to lose... which she did. She joins us for a chat about what happens when the odds are in your favour, but things don't go your way. 

Winnipeg mom Emily Cablek faced odds that no parent ever wants to imagine... the chance that she would never see her children again after they were abducted by their father. She'll tell the story of her four-year ordeal to be reunited with her hids. 

Sook-Yin Lee will hit the streets to find out when you faced the odds... and when you knew it was time to give up. 

Timothy Brown moved from America to Germany in the early 90's where he was diagnosed with HIV. And, unfortunately, a few years later he was also diagnosed with leukemia  But what were the odds Timothy would become world famous as "The Berlin Patient" - the first man in the whole world who has been cured of HIV? For more information on HIV/AIDS visit The World Aids Institute. 

Chances are good you've seen the viral video of a golden eagle swooping down from the sky, snatching a baby and lifting him right off the ground before dropping him back to earth. It was a YouTube sensation, made headlines around the world - and turned out to be a hoax. Felix Marquis-Poulin one of the Montreal students behind the video, tells his story. 

Back in 2001, Jennifer Quist and her husband had just had their third child, which they figured was about all they needed. So they decided to engage in some "family planning" by getting an IUD - an intrauterine device, which is a nearly-guaranteed contraceptive - touted as 99 per cent effective. You might be able to guess what happens next...

Dunsworth Smaller.jpg
You may know him as Mr. Lahey on Trailer Park Boys, but actor John Dunsworth is also an outspoken advocate for gambling addicts....because he knows the impact of problem gambling first hand. He'll join us to talk about what drove him to play the odds. 

Back when Laurie Dawson was 13, her mother entered her family in a radio contest. Find out how one simple catchphrase caused her family nothing but pure embarrassment and changed the way Laurie viewed her mother forever.

We'll talk to Captain Trevor Greene and his wife Debbie, a couple whose lives were turned upside down when he was brutally attacked while on military duty in Afghanistan, about how they've beaten the odds and rebuilt their lives. 

Chances are at one point or another you've been nearly hit by a car, a bicycle, or a dude on a skateboard. But what about being nearly hit by a plane? We'll talk Kerry Seabrook, a man narrowly escaped aeronautical disaster - not once, but twice. 

This Week's Playlist:

Wildlife - Bad Dream
Teenage Kicks - Get What You Give
Quiet Parade - Edge of the Ocean
The Odds - Someone Who's Cool
Walk Off The Earth - Summer Vibe
Arcade Fire - Ready to Start
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Steve Earle - Telephone Road
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