Your DNTO: Breaking the Rules (Feb. 8)

There are rules regualtions, codes and guidelines governing pretty much every aspect of life. And where there are rules, therer are going to be people that break them. This week, Your DNTO serves up stories of rule breakers and the consequences they faced once they crossed the line.

Read on to find out what's on the show, or click the players below to listen to Part One and Part Two of the program.

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Sook-Yin Lee conducts her own social experiment in an attempt to catch rule breakers in the act.

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 DNTO listener Mark tells us about his own rule-breaking social experiment... and why it was a great way to meet people.

When her grandfather died about ten years ago, Lisha Hassanali knew that she wanted to be at his gravesite.  But in her Muslim faith, the rule is "no women at the burial". She'll tell us how she negotiated the rules and managed to say her own goodbye.

Sometimes, you break rules with the best of intentions... DNTO listener Gavin tells us how he committed a wee bit of sacrilege by trying to rid a building of some pesky peacocks.

So if you're given an opportunity to break a rule that you think is totally unfair, do you break it? That's the question Elianna Lev faced in Grade Three, with the all-important "picture day" approaching. We'll expose what happened on that fateful day. (Below: Elianna's school picture. See if you can spot her...)

elianna lev good.jpg

Elianna's not the only person who broke "dress code" a bit - Murray and Debra share their clothing-related stories of rule-breaking, and explain why they were also bonding experiences.

What's the last rule you broke? Sook-Yin Lee hits the streets to hear your confessions.

Janet calls the Your DNTO listener line to explain how her accomplice in rule-breaking was none other than... DNTO.

Now most families have rules like,  "you have to be home before dark" or "no eating dinner in your bathing suit". But in Rachel Sontag's family the rules were way more complex.  Her father had a list of rules that he wrote out, laminated and hung on Rachel's bedroom wall. And, as Rachel explains to Sook-Yin, they were as arbitrary as they were absolute.

DNTO listener "Lucy" shares her own story of surviving in an abusive rule-bound household... and how the experience shaped her current relationship with "the rules."

Pam tells the DNTO listener line how she broke the rules at school as a kid... and why it lead to her home-schooling.

DNTO was saddened to learn that author Michael Van Rooy passed away last month. A while back, Michael told us how he became a crime writer: in the days before he became a writer, he was...well.. .a criminal. And he spent a few years as a "guest" of the federal government in Manitoba's Stony Mountain Prison... where you might say he developed a deeper appreciation for the rules of etiquette. We'll revisit Michael's story.

And here's this week's playlist:

Minotaurs - "Caught In the Light"
Metric - "Help I'm Alive (iTunes Live Session)
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