"Your DNTO" to the rescue! (Dec. 28)

What really came out of the rescue - either when you were rescued, or the rescuer? This week, Your DNTO shares our best "rescue" stories, and yours - including the story of a dramatic boating rescue, and the story of a rescue from a bar fight!


Vanessa Delsooz got rescued at a bus stop after a late night gig in an unexpected way... by the last person she'd expect to come to her aid. She'll tell us who it was, and what happened.

Leanne calls her story in to the "Your DNTO Hero Hotline" - a story about a rescue from a dust-up at a bar.

How long will it take a person lying on the ground to get help from a stranger? It's a good question, so we asked Your DNTO producer Tori Allen to lie on the ground to find out.

Jean Freeman tells us the story of a valiant - if unsuccessful - rescue attempt involving a goldfish, some rum, and CPR.

And it turns out Jean isn't the only pet rescuer out there - we'll hear stories of saving pets from DNTO listeners Leslie, Sarah, and Harry.

So what compels one person to step up and be a rescuer... while others don't? Tori Allen, the participant in a recent social experiment on the subject, looks into it, with a little help from the Heroic Imagination Project.

Can the "bystander effect" be overcome? Of course it can - and DNTO listeners Joyce and Rachel will tell us how they did it.

Years ago, Carly Stasko  wrote an essay on how to be your own superhero for a feminist book anthology. And when Carly went on the book tour, she brought a big tickle-trunk of costumes and gave superhero makeovers to people in each city. Years later, Carly found another way to put her costume to good use... when she became a costumed hero to a friend in need.

Another DNTO listener shares his story of a dramatic boating rescue... and how he ended up plucking seven rowers from the water.

When it comes to dramatic rescue missions, it's hard to top the Chilean mine story. Thirty-three miners were trapped underground for more than two months before a rescue team was able to drill half a mile below the earth, and bring the miners up one by one in a metal capsule. We'll talk with one of the people involved in that rescue - rig technician Jeff Roten.

Being stranded on the side of the road is always bad news. It's really bad news if you're stranded on the side of the road in Bosnia... and it's 1992... and you're a Canadian peacekeeper.We'll hear the incredible story of how Darrell Houle was rescued from that situation.

And here's this week's playlist:

Bruce Cockburn - "Waiting For a Miracle"
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