"Your DNTO" plays copycat (Dec. 7)

This week, Your DNTO looks at what we create when we copy. Read on to find out what's on the show...


Master impressionist Jessica Holmes comes by to try out her latest impression, wherein she imitates a certain DNTO host...

We all like to think we're terribly original individuals. But in small ways, we all copy someone else from time to time. So Sook-Yin asks: who are you copying?

"Hey, you look exactly like..." You might've heard that before. But Debbie Lee tells us how she took her case of mistaken celebrity identity a bit too far.

A DNTO listener tells us how he copied the King of Pop.

Vik Muniz has a unique talent for making you look at familiar art in new ways. That's because of the surprising approaches the Brazilian-born artist has taken to reproducing famous works of art: like his two versions of the Mona Lisa, a la Andy Warhol - one painted with peanut butter, the other with jelly. He also recreated The Last Supper using Bosco chocolate syrup. But more recently, he's worked on a much larger scale. We'll talk with Vik about making art with garbage, with Brazil's catadores. (To find out more about this story, visit the website for the documentary about Vik's work, Waste Land.)

Comedian Diana Frances once told a story to a group of friends that left an impression.
But she didn't realize how strongly it resonated with one of the people in the crowd... She'll tell us how she got copied.

Sook-Yin looks at the curious phenomenon of cryptomnesia (a.k.a. "Danny Partridge Syndrome"), and explains why k.d. lang has a songwriting credit on a Rolling Stones album.

Have you ever talked to someone and found your voice... changing? It's not uncommon, especially when we talk to people with accents. So why do we feel compelled to copy an accent? Clare Lawlor looks into it.

A DNTO listener shares her story of "accent copying."

Planning a truly original wedding can be hard. So Jenna and Alex Morton copied one - their own. They'll tell us about their wedding... and the copy wedding many years later. (Although if you look closely at the "original wedding" and "copycat wedding" photos below, you may notice a few differences...)

Jenna wedding final.jpg

And here's this week's playlist:
Louis Prima - "I Wanna Be Like You"
k.d. lang - "Constant Craving"
Luke Doucet - "Lovecats"
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