When did moving through water move you?

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Photo by Amanda Tipton


Jun. 15/25

Put on your trunks, strap on the water wings and dive in! This week, DNTO looks at the big blue and wonders: when did moving through water move you? 

Water surrounds us and sustains us - but it can also be a bit sinister as well. From sinking ships, to swimming pools, to deserts devoid of H20... when did you have a moving experience with water?


On this week's show: 

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Nova Scotia's Tom Gallant has sailing in his blood, and has spent much of his time aboard his beloved wooden schooner The Avenger. But over thirty years ago, on that very boat, one harrowing experience changed his relationship with water forever.

Martin Strel came to marathon swimming later in life... but has certainly made up for lost time. At 59 years-old, he is known to many as Big River Man - and holds Guinness World Records for swimming the entire lengths of the Danube, Mississippi, Yangtze, and Amazon River. He'll share what drives him to swim the world's waterways. 

Salamone Smaller.jpg
Growing up in Florida, journalist Debbie Salamone was a dedicated beach baby. She loved the sun, the sand, and most of all... the water. Until one summer, when a very rare attack made her question if she would ever step foot in the ocean again.

shapton_author_photo Smaller.jpg
Leanne Shapton spent her young life in the pool, training hard and angling for a spot in the Olympics. She eventually traded one fast lane for another, and has made a name for herself as a successful artist, author and editor in New York. So why can't she leave the water behind? 

In the 1970s, thousands of Vietnamese people fled conflict in makeshift boats. Tam Nguyen, now known as Winnipeg's "tailor to the stars", tells us how that journey changed him forever.

Danielle Nerman Smaller.jpg
When Danielle Nerman was on a family vacation in Mexico, her father nearly drowned. So Danielle, feeling guilty that she wasn't there, vowed never to let her dad down again. But three years later, on a trip to Australia, that fateful promise was put to the test.

Back when he was 13 years old, Olympic kayaker Adam Van Koeverden had absolutely no interest in sports. So how did he become one of this country's most respected athletes? He tells us about the life-altering first time he ever got in a kayak.

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Willow Smaller.jpg

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink! Writer Willow Yamauchi shares the story of the time she bungled the only fresh water supply to her family's boat house..on Christmas Eve! 

Jaring Smaller.jpg
Any competitive swimmer will tell you that winning a tough race is one of the biggest thrills there is. But what if you're competing in the 100-104 year-old age bracket? We visited Winnipeg centenarian Jaring Timmerman, and asked what drives him to compete. 

What happens when you attempt to seriously reduce, re-use and recycle your water? We'll talk with Winnipeger Kevin Freedman, founder of the "Water Conservation Challenge," about sponge baths, no-flush toilets, and living on just one jug (25 litres!) of water per day.

This Week's Playlist:
Beirut - Rip Tide
The Strumbellas - In This Life
Yo La Tengo - Season of the Shark
Hannah Georgas - The Deep End
Born Ruffians - Ocean's Deep
MoZella - Freezing
Rusty - Empty Cell
Quiet Parade - Edge of the Ocean
Great Lake Swimmers - On The Water
K'Naan - Wash It Down

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