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May 18/28

Put on your party hats, pour a drink, and grab a favour - because this week, DNTO looks at parties! What is it about social gatherings that brings out the best and worst in us? 

And whether it was a disastrous family gathering, a belligerent birthday party, or an impromptu gathering: when did you take something away from a party that you didn't expect?


On this week's show:

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A few years ago Gary Jones was in charge of an extremely important celebration: the princess-themed fifth birthday of his precocious stepdaughter, Lily. But as Gary would learn, a party full of five-year-olds isn't all tea and crumpets.

We'll swing by a block party at Toronto's Romero House - which works to provide housing, settlement and job assistance to refugees who have come to the city. Director Mary Joe Leddy shares how live music, comfort food, and a little bit of teamwork can go a long way towards getting newcomers settled in a new country. 

This past fall, James Tyson and his wife Marnie did what many Canadians do: they opened their doors to friends and family to watch The Grey Cup game. But this particular party turned out to have quite the half-time show...

Sook-Yin Lee hits the streets to find out what surprising thing you did at a shindig. 

When you're throwing a giant party, the invitations you send out are kind of a big deal. So when Jorel Hoffert and his dad, David, were getting ready for his Bar Mitzvah, they decided to get creative. So what happens when your invitation gets out to over half a million people?

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One of the most popular kinds of parties in Manitoba is the social. It's an event that's put on, usually before a wedding, to raise a little money and have a lot of fun. But Belinda VandenBroeck has put her own spin on the traditional prairie party - by throwing sober socials. (Photo Courtesy: Belinda VandenBroeck) 

tess-rafferty-300x250 smaller.jpg
Comedian Tess Rafferty comes from a large Italian family, so gathering her friends and loved ones around the table is an important partof her life. But dinner parties don't always go the way you expect them to - which Tess writes about in her new book Recipes for Disaster.

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Everywhere Reginald Lansdowne goes, he is he life of the party. But because Reg suffers from a chronic disease and doesn't know how long he has left, he decided to surprise his friends and family in Wallaceburg Ontario with a party to end all parties: his own funeral. (Photo Courtesy: Reg Lansdowne)

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Zarqa Nawaz has accomplished a lot in her life - she's a talented journalist, won a ton of awards, and created the hit sitcom Little Mosque on the Prairie. But she still felt like she had to prove to her Mother-in-law and kids that she could host a party. (Photo Courtesy: Leif Norman) 

Sometimes a party is shut down earlier than you might like. So when the cops came to put an end to a house party that Sook-Yin was a guest at, she took matters into her own hands. 

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During the NHL playoffs emotions run high and every one dreams of the hoisting the Stanley Cup - one of the most iconic moments of celebration in Canada. And one man has had a bird's eye view of the dramatic celebration for the last 20 years - keeper of the cup, Phil Pritchard. (Photo Courtesy: Hockey Hall of Fame)

For some Catholics, first communion is a simple church service, for others it's a chance to throw a lavish party. For Mary Luz Meija's family.... it was a chance to teach their daughter a lifelong lesson. So instead of throwing a big celebration, they took her to celebrate communion in their small, rural home town of Antioquia, Columbia. (Photos Courtesy: Mary Luz Meija) 

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This week's playlist:
Rich Aucoin - Brian Wilson is A.L.I.V.E
Romani Rota - Live from Romero House
Meredith Shaw - Call it a Night
Lighthouse - Take it Slow
Lloyd House - Personality
A Tribe Called Red - Bread & Cheese
Kingston Trio - Tom Dooley
Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right
Kim Mitchell - Patio Lanterns