When did you get more than you bargained for?

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APR. 6/16

From garage sales to thrift stores to boxing day deals - we all love a bargain. But how far is too far to go for a good deal?

Today on DNTO we're capturing those moments when you got more than you bargained for.


On this week's show:

David Marchese moved to New York a few years ago to start graduate school. And when he had some free time, he'd wander into used book stores looking for a bargain. He'll tell the story of the one deal that was just too good to be true. 

Sheldon Smithens bargain hunts for a living, and travels across Canada for his TV show Canadian Pickers. But getting the best deal isn't always easy when sentimental attachment is involved...

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Sook-Yin takes to the streets with her handy-dandy recorder to find out just how far some people will go for a good deal. Plus, she shares her story of one of her most prized posessions - an empty tin of salmon she found in a dumpster!

Frank Spadone grew up in Ontario as a first-generation Italian-Canadian, and as the youngest kid in his family it was his unofficial job to go shopping with Dad. But Frank learned pretty quickly that his father, Peter, had his own way of doing things.

Geoff D'Eon smaller.jpg
It's said that 90% of Louis Vuitton purses are fake - but perhaps you should think twice before buying that bargain bag. Fillmmaker Geoff D'Eon tells us why we should consider the dangerous and potentially fatal side effects of going counterfeit. 

Andrew Friesen smaller.jpg
DNTO's own Andrew Friesen will share his experience working retail on the biggest bargain blowout of the year - Boxing Day! How one particular December 26th changed him forever.

Haggling for a fair price can be pretty stressful, but what if you had to bargain for a person's life? Hostage negotiator Ben Lopez does just that for a living, and shares the skills that have earned him a 100% success rate.

Owning a home can be expensive, so when Sook-Yin found an opportunity to save some dough on a pricey renovation - she went for it... when she probably shouldn't have.

ellen-ruppel-shelljpg smaller.jpg
Getting a bargain is such a rush - you got something for way less than you were actually willing to pay! But why are we so tied to getting stuff cheaply? And what's it really doing to us? Bargain expert Ellen Ruppel Shell explains. 

drummondbaby.jpgParenthood comes at a price -  but sewing cash into your pants? Paying bribes?  Outwitting corrupt officials?  That's a little more than motherhood usually entails. Winnipeg mom Lindsay Drummond tells her story of international adoption.

This week's playlist:
Gentleman Reg - Waiting Around for Gold
Emmylou Harris - Hard Bargain
Two Hours Traffic - Amour Than Amis
Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk - How it Goes
Yukon Blonde - Six Dead Tigers
Dolly Parton - Bargain Store
Raine Maida - Montreal
Prince - Purple Rain
Macklemore - Thrift Shop
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