How are you managing your debt?

Photo by: Benjiy Stanton

Photo by: Benjiy Stanton


Jan. 12/22

Are you feeling the post-holiday credit crunch?

Does debt tie you to the bank, to your family... or to your past?

This week on DNTO we're asking: how are you managing your debt?


Sometimes you end up owing somebody you never thought you would. Bob Lee was working as a security guard at a grocery store when he ended up indebted to a shoplifter. He'll explain why.

Starving artist Matt Schellenberg, of indie band Royal Canoe, was deep in debt following his band's latest tour. But sometimes, being broke presents some surprising opportunities.

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Eight years after finishing university, Willow Yamauchi was still making payments on that albatross around her neck, better known as a "student loan." When she went to the bank to make her final payment, she thought the hardest part of paying it back was over. She was wrong. 

Sook-Yin Lee hits the streets to find out how debt affects our personal relationships.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade is Canada's television guru of personal finance. The host of Til' Debt Do Us Part and Princess stops by with some financial tips.

Some of us go into debt to buy a home. And then some of us get into trouble with that debt, and look for ways to make money. But not many of us are like Josh Rachlis, and end up on American court TV as a result...

A young Mariko Tamaki learns that sometimes, it's not worth it to go into debt for a little bling.

If you've ever given money to charity, chances are that the person who benefited was a stranger to you. Chris Mburu however, tracked down his benefactor, and went to great lengths in order to repay the debt he felt he owed her. He'll tell us how it all lead to an educational fund for children in need - the Hilde Back Education Fund.

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Sook-Yin calls up dear old dad, Leo Lee, for some advice on spending and saving.

Lawyer Louise Mandell has dedicated herself to working on Aboriginal treaties and rights. She was doing her part to ensure Canada paid its debts to  indigenous peoples... but she has received much more from the community than she ever expected. She'll explain why.

And Habiba Nosheen tells us about the nagging debt she owes her mother.

And here's this week's music playlist:
Two Hours Traffic - Last Star
Royal Canoe - Show Me Your Eyes 
Lights -I Owe You One
Ingrid Gatin - Slow Dancing
Deep Dark Woods - All the Money I Had is Gone
Thomas D'Arcy- Credit!
Dolly Parton - Coat of Many Colors
Peter Elkas - Poor Young Things
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