When did a change in fortune change your life?

Photo by: Simon Greig http://www.flickr.com/photos/xrrr/3559474669/

Photo by: Simon Greig http://www.flickr.com/photos/xrrr/3559474669/


Dec. 1/11

At any moment our luck can change, for better or for worse.
This week we're looking at those moments when you gain or lose something you never expected.
Whether you lost it all or won big we wanna hear about it.


  • Christ Gudgeon on why winning the lottery isn't all it's cracked up to be.
  • Nicola St. John's experience as the ugly duckling turned high school babe.
  • Justin Rutledge's journey from a Toronto street corner to being Michael Ondaatje's muse.
  • Loosing your vision in six short weeks; how a Winnipeg man is dealing with his new life.

Copy of Qing chairs.jpegOne man's trash is another man's treasure right? Reverend Robert Arril on the chairs which saved his church.

It looked as though Derek Amato's life had taken a turn for the worse when he dove into the wrong end of a swimming pool, seriously injuring his head. But as he recovered, he came to realize that the accident had turned him into a musical savant.

Nicola St John lived the life of the "ugly duckling", but going from fat to thin turned out to be less than the fairy tale she thought it would be. 

Chris Gudgeon, author of Luck of the Draw: True Life Tales of Lottery Winners and Losers, explains how winning the lottery can quickly turn from a dream come true to a total nightmare.

From canned soup to big shot in the investment world, Jinger Ford's story.

Garth Loeppky seemed to have it all, a great family, good job and a clean bill of health. Until one day when he noticed that he was struggling to read the newspaper, within six weeks he had lost 95%of his vision.  

Justin Rutledge was plucked off of Toronto street corner by literary legend Michael Ondaatje As the author's muse he rose to stardom almost overnight.(Photo by: Spinner)

What would you do if you found a pile of money? Bike courier Matt Magura tells us how he dealt with the fourteen thousand dollars that landed in his lap.

Long distance relationships are hard, especially if your only mode of transportation spontaneously combusts. Joel Fishbane on how he lost his car, all of his possessions and his dream girl.

robin ezrock.jpg
A windfall can change the direction of your life. Robin Esrock shares how a bike accident turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him, leading him to 107 countries and a new career.

And here's this week's music playlist:
Of Monsters and Men -Mountain Sound
Old Man Luedecke - I'm Fine 
Fiest - 1234
Walk Off the Earth - Red Hands 
Here's the video that changed their fortunes:
Justin Rutledge - Citizens
Magnificent Sevens - Blue and Feelin'
Amelia Curran - Years
Melissa Bandura - Winter Ragtime
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