Who was your "unexpected guest?"

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Sept. 1/11

From party crashers to houseguests who stay a little bit too long, we're looking at stories of "unexpected visitors." Who was yours?

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Come and knock on our door... Sook-Yin starts out by doing a little doorknocking. How will strangers react when she shows up... unexpectedly?

You know you're probably having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day when your son moves back in with you with his wife and three kids. That's what happened to author Judith Viorst. She is the author of  Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (and more recently, Alexander and the Wonderful, Marvelous, Excellent, Terrific Ninety Days). We'll find out what happened when Alexander and his family moved back home.

Talk about party crashing... veteran newscaster Craig Oliver recounts the night he dropped in on Ron and Nancy Reagan. (Below: the photographic evidence. Photo courtesy Craig Oliver.)

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Two years ago, two Scarborough buddies - and aspiring filmmakers - pulled off the ultimate coup: they crashed one of the most exclusive celebrity parties at the Toronto International Film Festival, with one goal in mind: to get their movie script into the hands of one of Hollywood's most powerful producers, Harvey Weinstein. So how the heck did they do it? Miguel Anthony and Constantin Ioannou will fill us in. (Below: see the video they made about the escapade.)

Parties that get "out of hand" can become the stuff of legend. But what happens when it's your house that gets trashed... and you're not even there? Two summers ago, Peter Sanders and his family went on vacation. They'd been away for three weeks, had a long flight home and were just looking forward to settling back into their home. But they found out that other people had settled in while they were gone... Peter will tell us about the shock, silence, and loss of trust that followed.

Shawna Dempsey's house in Winnipeg has been a haven for wayward travellers for twenty years... from the likes of emerging politician Jack Layton (who needed a place to crash and spent the night partying and playing guitar), to an 11-piece pan-African jazz band. But not all of her unexpected guests have been... human. Shawna will tell us the story.

Whenever Seinfeld writer (and author of My Seinfeld Year) Fred Stoller was having a bad day, he knew who to call. Fred's pal Vinnie would listen to his crazy tales and terrible times and howl with laughter. Vinnie was a fabulous long distance friend... but one day, Vinnie decided to pay Fred a visit... and it changed their relationship forever. Fred will tell us the story (that became the movie Fred and Vinnie).

The story of Capt. Trevor Greene - who survived an axe attack in Afghanistan - is a remarkable one, that he and his wife Debbie tell in their new book, March Forth: The Inspiring True Story of a Canadian Soldier's Journey of Love, Hope, and Survival. But what was it like to be the person to tell Debbie about the attack... and what was it like for her to receive that unexpected visit? We'll hear from Debbie and the man who came to her door that day, Lt. Col. Paul Ursich. (Below: Trevor and Debbie Greene. Photo by Claudette Carracedo, courtesy Debbie Greene.)

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Jess Cron tells us how his party was crashed by an unexpected A-list Hollywood star (see the video below to find out who...)

DNTO intern Andrew Friesen tells us how his innocent summertime stroll caused panic in the streets of Brandon, Manitoba... all because he was dressed a little too well.

Now, when we attend a dinner party we usually know pretty much what to expect: a bottle of wine, some tasty food and meaningful conversation with friends. But when Tyler Heibeck signed himself up for a dinner with complete strangers, he had no idea what would happen... He'll tell us about his dinner, and then we'll hear from the mastermind behind the "dinner with strangers" project - artist Arianna Davalos.

Ali Saeed will share the story of his unexpected visit... from a "not quite" home invader.

What happens when two guests go through a life changing moment... in your home... when you've known them for less than twenty four hours? We'll hear from Gander's Beulah Cooper, who played host to two strangers on 9/11. (Below: NBC's documentary on Gander and 9/11.)

And here's this week's music playlist:

The Isley Brothers - "I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door"
Sarah Harmer - "Washington"
OK Go - "Crash the Party"
Tariq - "Unwelcome Guest"
Luke Doucet - "Lovecats"
Sook-Yin Lee - "Knock Loud" (live in studio)
The White Stripes - "Hotel Yorba"
Darrelle London - "Forgot My Words"
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