Live from Winnipeg: "I knew I was having a bad day when..."

Photo by <a href=''>April Plett</a>

Photo by April Plett


Aug. 25/Sept. 4

Bad days can have silver linings... or not. Live from the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, DNTO brings you stories of days gone wrong.

Read on to find out what's on the show, or click "Listen" to hear the podcast. (Originally aired Apr. 14, 2012)


To begin, Alix Sobler tells us about the audition for the part she was born to play! The audition she should have nailed! The audition that should've made her a star! The audition... that didn't quite work out that way. (Below: Alix onstage. All Comedy Fest photos by April Plett.)

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We'll hear from our house band for the afternoon, Winnipeg's the New Lightweights.

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Mike Green will tell us about his bad day, which began with an illicit drive in the company van... and led to the loss of his sense of masculinity.

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Can Sook-Yin cheer up an audience member who's having a bad day? She'll head into the crowd at the Gas Station Arts Centre to find out. (Below: our audience volunteers. Looks like their days got a bit better!)

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Rod Beilfuss will tell us how he went from having a terrible day while traveling to drinking beers with two strangers who wouldn't be married... if it weren't for him.

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Alexa Dirks of the New Lightweights will tell us about her bad day - a story of a childhood crush, misplaced gum... and picture day. (Below: the "after" result of picture day.)

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When you're a kid, a bad day in class can seem like the WORST DAY OF YOUR LIFE... EVER!! We'll meet grade 12 student Orit Saeed... who will tell us about the bad day lesson she learned at the tender age of six... and from her dad, Ali, who found a creative solution to the problem.

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Sook-Yin will tell us how her bad day began by discovering a river running through her basement... and lead to an epic battle with the city.

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Rosanna Deerchild will tell us how her "bad day" began by waking up one morning and discovering a deathbed wish from a man she'd already given up on - her dad.

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(Below: The Comedy Fest team! Back row: DNTO intern Andrew Friesen, Ariel Posen and Alexa Dirks of the New Lightweights, Alix Sobler, Mike Green, Rod Beilfuss, Orit and Ali Saeed, Rosanna Deerchild. Front row: DNTO intern Heather Jordan Ross, Sook-Yin Lee, DNTO producers Clare Lawlor, Kaj Hasselriis, and Sara Tate. Photo by April Plett.)

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Paul Karchut's bike trip was going so well... until his very bad, terrible, no good day, involving a bike gang, a flat tire, and other road disasters. He'll tell us about it.

Winnipeg musician Cara Luft knows all about having a day from hell. Her story involves some cranky border guards, sniffer dogs, and one doozy of a false accusation. Luckily, Cara turned that experience into a song... She'll come in to tell us the story, and play the song. (You can read more of Cara's story at CBC's Manitoba Scene.)

Have you ever had a day so bad that getting fired wasn't even the worst thing that happened to you? Carly Stasko did - and she'll tell us why.

And here's this week's music playlist:

The New Lightweights - "Sinking Feeling" (live)
The New Lightweights - "Boxes" (live)
The New Lightweights - "Waiting" (live)
The New Lightweights - "Happy For the Day" (live)
The Nix Dicksons - "Highway Lines"
Cara Luft - "Charged!" (live in studio)
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