What are you saying with your tears?

Photo by <a href='http://www.flickr.com/photos/a_t_ljungberg/1534232517/'>Anders Ljungberg</a>

Photo by Anders Ljungberg


July 7/17

Maybe it's from sadness, or joy, or just because that dog food commercial is really moving. What makes you cry... and what are you saying through your tears?

Read on to find out what's on the show, or click the "Listen" button to hear the podcast. (Originally aired Nov. 19, 2011)


A crying kid can be hard to deal with. A tantrum-throwing crying kid in the supermarket? Near impossible. But Krista Burton tells us about the "innovative" way her mom stopped her tantrums...

A red-eyed, snotty, sobfest is not the kind of thing you want captured on camera. But it's often Barbara Davidson's job to document these difficult moments. Sook-Yin will talk with the Pulitzer Prize-winning Canadian photojournalist about what it's like to get up close and personal with these private moments. (See her photo series, "Caught In the Crossfire," here.)

Carly Stasko once laughed so hard she cried... and improved her calculus grade. She'll tell us about the secret power of tears.

Who was the person you least expected to see cry... and how did you handle it when s/he did? Sook-Yin takes to the street to find out.

Vancouver musician Zachary Gray is the emotive powerhouse frontman of the Zolas. He's a towering guy who hollers and croons, and sometimes gets on his knees to sing to his audience. So you'd think he was an emotional guy, but he wasn't always that way.  Sook-Yin will pay him a visit to find out why he couldn't cry... and what finally changed for him.

Of all the places to lose control of your tear ducts, the workplace might be one of the most awkward. But Anne Kreamer thinks that needs to change. Sook-Yin will talk with the author of It's Always Personal: Emotion in the New Workplace about why she makes a case for letting your emotions out.

Sometimes, a burst of emotion can charge a whole relationship. Evelyn Chew will tell us why she's never looked at her father the same way... since the night she saw him cry.

Humans are the only animal that sheds tears when we experience strong emotions. But what are we really saying with our wet eyes? We'll talk with evolutionary biologist Oren Hasson to find out.

Poor crocodiles. They have such a bad rap on account of their tears. Sook-Yin will tell us how she learned "crying wolf" only works for so long.

A few years ago, Brett Martin found himself crying in a most unusual situation: on an airplane... while watching a really, really bad romantic comedy starring Reese Witherspoon. And he discovered he wasn't the only person out there to get a little weepy while watching cheesy in-flight entertainment. Brett studied the phenomenon further - and he'll tell us what he found out.

"WANTED: Actors who can cry on cue for a video art piece. Your performance will consist of a 10-minute audition during which you will try to make yourself cry." That's the ad a filmmaker placed in a number of Toronto newspapers last year... and actor Sofia Gian was one of the people who answered the call. She'll tell us how her attempt to cry on cue worked. (Below - Sofia as part of the "I Cried For You" art installation.)

sofia - art exibit photo for web.jpg

And here's this week's playlist:

Smokey Robinson - "Tears of a Clown"
Amy Millan - "I Will Follow You Into the Dark"
Zachary Gray - "Cultured Man" (live)
The Kinks - "Stop Your Sobbing"
Feist - "I Feel It All"
Imaginary Cities - "Don't Cry"
Armistice - "City Lights Cry"
Aretha Franklin - "Cry Like a Baby"
Hawksley Workman - "No Reason To Cry Out Your Eyes (On the Highway Tonight)"
Jason Bajada - "Ten Days In Miami"

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