What are you saying with your smile?

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June 16/26

A grin... a smirk... a full-on flash of a smile. They can say many things. So when did you use a smile to convey something special?

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When you're stuck in a job you hate, with difficult customers, what can you do except grin and bear it? That philosophy was put to the test for Linda Ballantyne back when she worked in a shoe store... but it yielded some unexpected results. She'll tell us about it.

Smiling when you've only got four rotten teeth isn't easy. Jason Jones knows this all too well. He'll tell us what not smiling meant to him - and how being able to smile after a dentist offered to fix his teeth changed his life. (Below: see Jason's transformation in a Toronto Star video.)

One of the first lessons Matthew McRae learned as a "Victorian re-enactor" was that Victorians never, EVER smile. So what happened when none other than John A. MacDonald fired a "wicked grin" his way? We'll find out. (Below: Matthew in costume, far right. Note he is NOT smiling. Photo courtesy Matthew McRae.)

Matt McRae smiling for web.jpg

How will strangers on the street react when Sook-Yin flashes them a random smile? We'll find out. (Below: Sook-Yin with two of her "test subjects" - twelve-year-old twins Joseph and Emily. Note a slight difference in facial expression...)

Smile streeters photo for web.JPG

Smile for the camera! We'll find out how DNTO producer Kaj Hasselriis tricked President Obama's grandma into smiling for a photo with him.

Ken Wilson for web.jpegMost of us take our grins for granted. But would you be smiling if you'd been born with a cleft lip... or a cleft palate? Sook-Yin will talk with Dr. Ken Wilson, a pediatric plastic surgeon based in Halifax, who has brought his smile-fixing skills to people around the world with Operation Smile. (Right: Dr. Wilson with a patient from Cambodia. Photo courtesy Dr. Ken Wilson.)

You can tell a lot from someone's smile... including the state of their health. We'll meet Lesley Jones, who took one look at her husband Bev's smile... and made a decision that saved his life.

When Steve Ross was eight years old, he was the top Sunday School student at his family's church. His reward? Taking up the collection plate... which made him smile.  But for Steve, the experience wasn't so rewarding... he'll tell us why, and how that smile landed him in some trouble.

Tori Allen stumbles into some cross-cultural smiling mishaps... and finds out how grins get lost in translation.

Sook-Yin Lee tells us why her smile was a "gateway to shame" when she was a kid... and the contortions she went through to hide it.

"Just smile, baby!" How do you handle that guy who tells you that? We'll talk with writer and activist S.E. Smith, about why smiling is not an obligation... especially for women.

Why do so many indie rockers refuse to smile? Sook-Yin gets musician Slim Twig's take on it.

Wedding photographers have an important job - capturing your special day for posterity. So what do you do with a photographer who FORBIDS you from smiling? Offbeat Bride editor Megan Finley tells us her offbeat smiling story. (Below: Megan's "non-smiling" wedding photo, and a much cheerier photo - with the man who saved the day. Photos courtesy Megan Finley.)

Megan Finley collage for web.jpg

And download our podcast for this podcast-exclusive story from CamMi Pham: CamMi grew up a privileged child of an elite family in Vietnam. But a lawsuit froze the family fortune, and by the time it was done, they had lost everything. And CamMi and her family immigrated to Canada. And just when it seemed things couldn't get much worse... a smile changed everything. CamMi will tell us about it. (And for more from CamMi, visit her blog and Twitter pages.)

And here's our music playlist for Saturday, June 16:

Jenn Grant - "Getcha Good"
Heavy Blinkers - "Smile"
Cinderpop - "Florentine"
The Killers - "Smile Like You Mean It"
Evelyn Knight - "Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!)"
Rich Aucoin - "It"
Shad - "Rose Garden"
The Undisputed Truth - "Smiling Faces Sometimes"
Xavier Rudd - "Time to Smile"
Slim Twig - "Gun Shy"

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