How do you fight homesickness?


June 2/12

When you're away, we all miss home from time to time... from little pangs to full-on waves of homesickness.

So how do you create a sense of home when you're away?

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Homesickness is something many Newfoundlanders - like Amie Watson - seem especially prone to. She'll tell us about the special Newfoundland-themed parties she threw to make her feel a little more at home in Montreal.

And we'll hear from a man who's helped many ex-pat Newfoundlanders - including Amie - ease their homesicknesss... Allan Hawco, creator and star of CBC TV's Republic of Doyle.

Making a move to the big city can be tough... especially if you're a young aboriginal person who has just moved from a remote reserve or rural community. That's where "Electric Powwows" come in. They're run by a group of Ottawa DJs who go by the collective name A Tribe Called Red - and Sook-Yin will talk with Ian Campeau, Dan General, and Bear Thomas (a.k.a. DJ NDN, DJ Shub and Bear Witness) about why the monthly parties have become a place to find a sense of home in the big city.

New Canadians often find themselves feeling homesick while they try their best to create a new life in Canada. So how do they do it? Sook-Yin Lee takes her mic to the street to find out.

When she went travelling with her family, Sushma Subramanian was surprised to discover her mother had brought along everything but the kitchen sink to fight off homesickness... but she did bring most of the rest of the kitchen. She'll tell us her story.

Missing home? Why not just recreate it in miniature scale? That's what Cuban-American architect Dino Fernandez did. We'lll find out how his cure for homesickness helped and hurt him.

Darrell Duke is a Newfoundland songwriter who wrote his biggest hit, "Mother's Salt Beef," to make him feel a bit less homesick by lightening his mood. But it ended up backfiring on him a bit... he'll tell us what happened the first time he played the song, and why it's had such an impact everywhere he's played it. (You can listen to a sample of "Mother's Salt Beef" below - to buy the song, head here.)
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Visitors to the famous Rive Gauche, or left bank, in Paris, might be surprised to find Moosehead beer and a carved wooden Mountie in one French drinking establishment. We'll find out how Canuck Mark Berry brought a little Canada to Paris, and why The Great Canadian Pub is a smash hit.

When she lived in Singapore, Maria Foley didn't even realize she was homesick... until the snowstorm. She'll tell us why. (Below: the snowstorm! Photos by Wendy Weber and Michael Foley, courtesy Maria Foley.)

My elder daughter Credit Wendy Weber for web.jpg
Maria Foley and mom  Credit Michael Foley for web.jpg
Joshua Klapow
is a behavioural psychologist with a theory that flies in the face of all this "sentimental homesickness."  And Joshua knows a lot about the subject... not just because he studied it, but because he suffered from it. He'll give us his take on homesickness.

Alt Altman is the latest Toronto musician to move to Europe to reinvent himself and launch his career. His band Digits has taken off overseas, where the Guardian hailed his latest album a "near masterpiece." But despite his new found success, Alt suffered a horrible bout of homesickness... which reached its peak when he was punched in the face by a zombie. He'll tell us how it's all affected his music.

And here's our music playlist for Saturday, June 2:

Victor Lewis - "Twin Lakes Boogie"
A Tribe Called Red - "Electric Pow Wow Drum"
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - "Home"
Christine Leakey - "Lullabies and Apple Pie"
The Heavyweights Brass Band - "Nueva Orleans"
Bryan Adams - "Summer of '69"
Sloan - "Marquee and the Moon"
Joni Mitchell - "California"
Alt Altman - "Where Do You Belong"
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