What do you get by letting go of your stuff?

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May 26/June 5

It can be hard to part with our favourite things... but sometimes, you get a lot back by letting go.

What did you get when you let go of a prized possession?

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At a very young age, Marc Kuly had to learn to let go of his most prized possession... but how he learned to do it changed the course of his life. He'll tell us his story.

Ryan Nicodemus now lives on the 30 per cent of his former income. Sook-Yin will talk with the co-founder of The Minimalists about the extreme "letting go" experiment that helped him make the transition from material guy to minimalist.

Have you ever gotten rid of emotional baggage by destroying your pictures of your ex? We'll hear about a young woman who did just that... but it ended up having an even bigger impact on someone else: her dad! Donald Benham tells us his story.

Sook-Yin Lee tells us her story of trying to let go... and realizing at the last minute why she shouldn't.

Marcia Walker has regretted giving away her grandmother's bracelet every day for the past 20 years. We'll find out what she lost - and what she found - by letting go... including the surprise twist-ending to the story!

There comes a time to say goodbye to the soother... the blankie... even the beloved teddy bear. But how do you convince your kids to "let go" of their favourite things? We'll get some advice from DNTO parenting guru Diane Flacks and author Chris Shulgan.

Have you ever gone to the store, filled your cart up with stuff and then said "What am I gonna do with all this?" Gary Jones will tell us how he and his wife tried to leave it all behind... but ultimately paid the price.

Lee Shuer's habit of collecting things got seriously out of control. He'll tell us how stuff can take over your life, and how he managed to overcome his mountains of memorabelia.

What was the hardest thing for you to let go of? Sook-Yin takes to the street for your answers.

DNTO producer Tori Allen recently learned that one of the most fashionable people she knows was letting go of most of her clothing, so Tori set out to find out why. She'll tell us what she learned about getting rid of your favourite things from her friend Amil.

Julie Goldberg became a librarian becuase she loved books. But there was one piece of information they left out of librarian school that totally took her by surprise... she'll tell us what it's like for librarian to have to let go of books.

And here's our music playlist for May 26:

Boxer the Horse - "Sentimental/Oriental"
Hannah Georgas - "Beat Stuff"
Danny Michel - "Sweet Things"
New Pornographers - "Spirit of Giving"
Cuff the Duke - "Letting Go"
Jonathan Coulton - "IKEA"
Joel Plaskett - "Fashionable People"
Hey Ocean! - "Change"
Belle and Sebastian - "Wrapped Up In Books"
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