Live from Toronto: We're "in over our heads!" (Mar. 3/13)

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Recorded live at the Tranzac in Toronto, we ask what happens when you get in over your head! Tune in to hear from storytellers Zarqa Nawaz, James Gangl, Deborah Kimmett, Ron Josol, and Carol Off - plus music and stories from Corin Raymond and Little Scream.

You can listen to the podcast below (or download it here, or in chaptered format from iTunes) to hear even more of the live show.

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We begin by throwing a few audience volunteers in over their heads to help us start the show... by singing the DNTO theme song, in front of a live audience. (Below: our volunteers singing away. All photos by Tanja Tiziana.)

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Toronto musician Corin Raymond has a special relationship with Canadian Tire money - and it's landed him in over his head in an interesting way. He'll tell us about it, and play us the song that started the whole thing. (Below: Corin with the Canadian Tire money raised at our live show.)

Corin w money for web.jpg
We all fell like we're in a little too deep from time to time. Sook-Yin heads into the audience at the Tranzac to find out when you felt like you were in over your head. (Below: Gail and Mike share their stories with the audience at the Tranzac.)

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When she was 26, Zarqa Nawaz's mother was insistent that it was time for her to get married. But she found herself in a bit too deep when she ended up with one suitor too many. She'll tell us how it worked out.

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James Gangl may not be a righteous man... but in a taxi cab one cold January night, he decided to take a stand....

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How will two members of our audience do when we throw them in over their heads... by asking them to create works of art in under four minutes? (Below: Michael and Alice, the artists at work.)

Poetry challenge png2.png

You might think that a successful writer, comic, and motivational speaker would never feel overwhelmed by life, right? Well, not if you're Deborah Kimmett. A few years ago, she hit rock bottom. But it's how she pulled herself out of it that's really surprising...

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Laurel Springelmeyer - also known as one of our musical guests, Little Scream - quite literally found herself in over her head when she tried to confront her fear of swimming. She'll tell us about it. (Below: Little Scream performs one of her songs.)

Little Scream for web.jpg

If Ron Josol hadn't become a stand-up comedian, he might have made an excellent con-artist. He'll tell us the story of his great grade school swindle.

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You probably know Carol Off as the co-host of CBC Radio's As It Happens. But she'll tell us how an experience from early in her career left her in over her head - and made her rethink what "good luck" is for a journalist.

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And then we return to the studio for a few more "in over your head" stories. Sook-Yin gathers some of your tales of being over-extended - and liking it.

Brendan McLeod is a Vancouver jack-of-all trades - writer, musician, and slam poet. And a few years ago, Brendan became interested in yet another creative pursuit - performance art. How hard can it be? Let's just say Brendan had no idea what was about to hit him...

We go back once more to the Tranzac in Toronto for Sook-Yin's story of being in over her head... a story that almost ended with a short trip off a tall mountain.

Super-dad (and author of the new novel Dadolescence) Bob Armstrong will tell us what a terrifying moment on the Appalachian Trail taught him... and his teenaged son.

And here's this week's music playlist:

Corin Raymond - "Don't Spend It Honey" (live)
Little Scream - "The Heron and the Fox"
Corin Raymond - "3000 Miles" (live)
Little Scream - "Your Radio" (live)
The Fugitives - "Start a War"
Loretta Lynn - "High On a Mountain Top"
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