What do your shoes say about you? (Apr. 9/19)

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Our footwear does more than just cover our feet. So why do you wear what you wear... and what are they telling the world about you?

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Look down - what does your current footwear say about you? Sook-Yin takes her mic to the street to find out. (Also heard on Your DNTO)

Question: when is a pair of shoes not just a pair of shoes? Answer: when they belong to your mean older sister. Nicola St. John tells us how far she went to "borrow" her sister's cougar boots... and why she still has the scars to back up the story. (Listen below - Also heard on Your DNTO)

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A few years ago, Bilaal Rajan decided to go shoeless for a week. Not only that, he persuaded thousands of other people to do the same. Which is pretty impressive, since at the time he was just 12 years old. He'll tell us why he did it - and what he learned from being shoeless. (Also heard on Your DNTO)

David Carroll goes through a pair of running shoes every two months. That's because he runs ultra-marathons. But he'll tell us about his "miracle shoes..." (pictured below). (Listen below - Also heard on Your DNTO)

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David Carroll's shoes web.JPG

These days, very few people get to wear hand-made shoes, and even fewer people get to make their own shoes. But a few years ago Iqaluit rocker Lucie Idlout went to an Inuit boot camp... literally. She'll tell us why there's no shoes like the ones you've made yourself, and play us a tune live-in-studio. (See Lucie's boots below) (Also heard on Your DNTO)

Lucie's boots web.JPG

Jennifer Dallas is a dancer and choreographer living in Toronto. Five years ago, she was invited to Nigeria to work with a dance company in Lagos. She brought one pair of shoes - her Birkenstock sandals. But she quickly noticed that most people had "outside shoes" and "inside shoes" - and that she had a different cultural understanding of "shoe ownership" than the people around her. (Also heard on Your DNTO)

Kim Ziervogel is a passionate woman. Two of the things she is passionate about are friends and shoes. And the connection between the two all started at a very young age... (And for another of Kim's passions, check out the podcast Kim produces - and sometimes hosts - Ab-Originals.)

Gary Kozussek  - a.k.a. "The Shoe Guy" - sees a lot of shoes. That's because he's been a cobbler for the last 23 years. Sook-Yin will pay a visit to his shop to find out what the shoes he works on tell him about their owners.

Heather Libby loves her high-heeled shoes. But one night, she discovered how a tipsy friend plus high heeled boots plus gravity equals a broken ankle... and an end to wearing heels. So how does a major shoe fan deal with it? We'll find out. (Listen below - Also heard on Your DNTO)

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favourite footwear web.JPGThere's a lot shoes can reveal about the person wearing them. Never Trust a Man in Alligator Loafers is the name of a guide to dating by Donna Sozio. She'll tell us why shoes are not only the window to our soul, but they can also help us decide who our soul-mate is. (And see the shoes Sook-Yin got Donna's professional opinion on at right and below.)

more fave footwear web.JPG

even more fave footwear web.JPG

When Manitoba MLA Jennifer Howard was six years old, her mother took her to get a new pair of shoes. But by the time she got home that evening, Jennifer had gained an insight into the world that would impact her whole life. She'll tell us what those shoes taught her about the way the world works.

Mike Leavitt is a superbly talented Seattle artist. He makes all kinds of great art - from action figures based on people like Barack Obama or Van Gogh... to reproductions of iconic shoes. Vintage Adidas, Chuck Taylors, hot pink stilettos... Mike has lovingly recreated them down to the exact detail. With one significant change... although you'd never know it to look at a picture, the shoes are all made out of cardboard. He'll tell us why he made the shoes - and what it's like stepping into a pair of cardboard sneakers. (And to see the shoes - or get your own - check out Mike's gallery here.) (Also heard on Your DNTO)

It's not often a pair of shoes can cause heartbreak, misery and an intervention. But that's what happened to Victoria Fedden. She'll tell us why.

And here's this week's playlist:

Paolo Nutini - "New Shoes" (Also heard on Your DNTO)
The Bangles - "Manic Monday"
K'Naan - "Strugglin'"
Joel Plaskett - "Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'" (Also heard on Your DNTO)
Lucie Idlout - "Sorry" (live in studio) (Also heard on Your DNTO)
Nomadic Massive - "Moving Forward"
Petula Clark - "Little Shoemaker"
Kinnie Starr - "High Heels"
Bootsy Collins (feat. Lady Miss Kier) - "I'm Tired of Good, I'm Trying Bad"
Louise Burns - "Street Walking"
Lowest of the Low - "Henry Needs a New Pair of Shoes"
Graydon James and the Young Novelists - "It Takes All Kinds"
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