How do numbers shape your life? (Apr. 30/May 10)

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Whether you're a math whiz or not, numbers are a part of your life in some way - because at some point, we all track something in cold, hard numbers.

So what are you tracking? Read on to see what's on the show, or listen to the podcast below (you can also download it here, or from iTunes).

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Debbie Lee tells us how her goal of making the basketball team lead to obsessive tracking... and hanging on monkey bars... and lactose intolerance. (Listen below - also aired on Your DNTO)


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Sook-Yin is one of those people who's kinda compelled by tracking her Facebook numbers. And she's not alone. But what happens when our "friends" become numbers to be tracked? We'll talk about that with Sherry Turkle, author of Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less From Each Other.

What are you keeping track of? Sook-Yin heads out for your stories. (Also aired on Your DNTO)

Any sports fan is an expert tracker - of statistics. And DNTO alumnus (and unofficial professor of sportology) Nick Purdon is no exception. But his love of sports and stats came about in an unusual way... (Listen below - also aired on Your DNTO)

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Can you measure a life in numbers? Nicholas Felton tells his father's story the only way he knows how - through graphs, maps and numbers. We'll find out how he does it - and why. (Also aired on Your DNTO)

As a teenager, Carly Heffernan started channeling her inner Valley Girl. That's when she learned she doesn't always "like" being tracked. Like, y'know?

One thing many of us keep track of - sometimes almost obsessively - is time. So what happens when you lose track of it? Sook-Yin takes her mic out for your answers.

So... how are you feeling? You can probably answer that with words. But can you answer in numbers? Jon Cousins developed an online tool that promises to do that. We'll talk with the creator of Moodscope.

Odds are no one tracks you better than your immediate family. Sook-Yin talks with one familial unit about how they're tracking each other.

Dennis Hong blogs about lessons in love...and sometimes they resurface to keep him on the straight and narrow track. He'll tell us how.

What happens when you track something that everyone else takes for granted? Sook-Yin talks with Kevin Freedman, founder of the "Water Conservation Challenge," about sponge baths, no-flush toilets, and living on just one jug of water per day. (Also aired on Your DNTO)

When Jean Freeman discovered a way to help out humainity she was all for it. All she had to do was keep track of her chronic aches and pains for a research project. Little did she know that the study would be an even bigger pain.

Linda Ballantyne tells us why she loved her boyfriend so much, she counted the ways... and never forgot it. (Listen below - also aired on Your DNTO)

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And here's this week's playlist:

Papermaps - "Reunion" (Also aired on Your DNTO)
TV On the Radio - "Second Song"
Mutemath - "Odds"
Ohbijou - "Ode to an End"
Femi Kuti - "1, 2, 3, 4" (Also aired on Your DNTO)
Lou Canon - "Heart Of"
Feist - "1234" (Also aired on Your DNTO)
Al Tuck - "Count On You"
Morgan Cameron Ross - "Let It Go" (Also aired on Your DNTO)
Patrick Lehman - "Pain Free"

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