Calling it quits (Mar. 15)

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They're two little words that have the power to change your life: "I. QUIT."

But with the social pressure to never give up, what's to be gained by leaving it all behind? We'll find out on Your DNTO this week. Read on to see what's on the show, or to listen.


(This episode of Your DNTO was originally aired Nov. 3, 2009)

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Sook-Yin will take her mic to the street to find out what you've given up on.

Few things are as hard to quit as a friendship... even when you really, really want to. Rachel Sanders will look into "weeding the friendship garden."

Mike O'Brien had a hard time quitting relationships... until one day, he found a rather unexpected (and hilarious) way to say good-bye. He'll tell us his story.

Oh, the glamour of being a babe! The attention from the guys! The hours spent sculpting your eyebrows! Reformed glamour-girl Alix Sobler tells us how she gave up the babe lifestyle.

Roz Savage will tell us why she quit living the middle-class dream to become an "eco-adventurer" - and why she's about to row across the Pacific Ocean.

Diane Flacks will tell us why the hardest thing to give up when you have kids is all the %&&**$ing swearing!

And here's this week's playlist:

War - "Why Can't We Be Friends"
Tegan and Sara - "Sentimental Tune"
Feist - "Let It Die"
Amy Honey - "Woods Hag"
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