DNTO finds out what you found where you least expected... (Jan. 22)

promo-least-188x103.jpgEver notice how you always find things in the last place you look?

We also often find things... or people... where we least expect to. This week, we look into those stories of surprise discoveries. Read on to find out what's on the show, or click the player below to listen (you can also download the podcast here, or the enhanced podcast from iTunes).

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Jess Cron tells us how his party was crashed by an unexpected A-list Hollywood star (see the video below to find out who...)

If you happened to be on the sidewalks of L.A. a couple of weeks ago, you might have stumbled upon a pretty unusual sight: a Spanish friar in a brown habit with a rope for a belt
a pair of sandals, and a bald head with bangs all around. This "friar" was actually a historical reenactor named Charlie Schroeder. He'll tell us why he wandered the streets of L.A. in this get-up... and what surprises a guy walking around dressed as a friar. (Below: Charlie in full friar garb.)

charlie schroeder.jpg

If you're a teacher, you always run the chance of running into one of your former students, out of the blue. That's what happened to Winnipeg teacher Marc Kuly a few years ago. Except in his case, running into a kid in an unexpected place led to a really, really unexpected revelation...

What - or who - appeared when you least expected? Sook-Yin surprises some strangers on the street to find out.

Do you do all of your best work in the shower? Joff Schmidt looks into why those "eureka!" moments come when you least expect them... and how you can train your brain to work harder by working less. (For more on the subject, check out The Winner's Brain, co-authored by Mark Fenske... and "shower thinkers" should look for Mark Knudson's Aqua Notes.)

Last summer when Clare Lawlor was packing up for a week long solo camping trip, she decided to throw in a box of mixed tapes she made as a teenager. Little did she know that the box also held a voice from her past...

Halifax musician Jenn Grant has a new single out, and a video to accompany it (see it below). She'll tell us about some of the unexpected things that happened while making the video.

When you're 23 and studying acting in Ottawa, you're probably going to go to a lot of parties. And at those parties you'll probably meet some pretty interesting people. Nothing too unexpected there. But for Brooke Johnson, one of those parties just happened to lead to one of those meetings, which just happened to be with Pierre Truedau. And not only did Brooke find herself in a friendship with the the former prime minister,  he continues to be a force in her life to this day. She'll tell us why.

How well do you know yourself? Sarah Hyde tells us why her "surprise" encounter in the woods wasn't with the wildlife... it was with herself.

George Logan's book Translocations features a photo of a picturesque Scottish hamlet that, except for the paved road and hydro wires, looks like it's straight out of the 1800s. The houses are small and made of stacked stones and rocks, the sky has a eerie bluish-grey hue. And disappearing behind one of the cottages almost unnoticed is... an elephant. George Logan will tell us why he transposed African animals into the Scottish landscape.

When Heather Withden was growing up, she always celebrated Christmas at her Grandma Teenie's. The entire family would cram together in Teenie's tiny house, laughing and talking and exchanging presents. Everyone except her step-grandfather Paul... and years later, Heather discovered a secret about Paul that made her look at  him in a whole new light...

And here's this week's playlist:

Mercy, the Sexton - "He Said, She Said"
Basia Bulat - "Walk You Down"
The Editors - "Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors"
Armistice - "Mission Bells"
Deerhunter - "Desire Lines"
Jenn Grant - "Getcha Good"
Louise Burns - "Drop Names Not Bombs"
Shad and Dallas Green - "Live Forever"
Grizzly Bear - "Two Weeks"

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