DNTO gets moving! (Sept. 11)

We're kicking off our new season with a very "moving" episode of DNTO, as we look into the fine art of packing up and moving. Why is moving such a moving experience? Jump in the truck and hitch a ride as we find out...

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To begin, we move back in time a wee bit to July 1 - "Moving Day" in Montreal - where Sook-Yin catches up with Sofia Stanchoff. Sofia's moving day, like most, is messy and chaotic - and made moreso by the fact that she doesn't really want to move. Tune in to find out why she has to... and why it's such an emotional experience.

And you thought you had to move a lot of stuff... May Savidge was so attached to her 15th English cottage, she couldn't stand the thought of leaving it behind when she had to move. Her neice, Christine Adams, will tell us about May's unusual - and labour-intensive - solution.

You know what they say: a friend in need is a friend who's going to call and ask you for help moving, in exchange for pizza and beer (if you're lucky). So why do we help our friends move? SY hits the street to ask some movers at work (for their friends).

Charles F. from Montreal band Winter Gloves will share his epic struggle with his beloved washing machine/dryer combo... and a spiral staircase... and an ending that was tragic for entirely unexpected reasons.

Sometimes when we move, we're looking for more than just a change in address. But can you really change your life by changing your location... or is it a misguided attempt to run away from our problems? DNTO producer Tori Allen looks into that question.

Being a professional mover is tough - and it's not just about having rippling biceps and a strong back. We'll find out why being a mover is a bit like being a therapist when Sook-Yin talks to a couple of pros from Montreal's Meldrum the Mover.

Can't afford a van for moving day? Musician Allison Lickley will explain why you might want to think "smaller" - much, much smaller - for your moving vehicle.

Muuxi Adam made the biggest move of his life when he was a teenager. After his family was forced to flee from Somalia's civil war, Muuxi found himself in Ethiopia, alone. He was 16 years old - and that's when he made his big move.

What does your packing (and moving) style say about you? Sook-Yin talks to more people on the move to find out.

There's no place like home - but does that mean it's a good idea to move back in with your parents? We'll get the answer from Ann Marie Stephens, a woman who did just that - in her mid-40s.

Sociologist James Jasper has noticed that Americans move houses more than any other nation on earth - an average of once every five years (Canadians aren't far behind). And he thinks this restlessness is the single most defining trait of North American culture today. So what's at the root of all this moving around... and what does it say about who we are? Sook-Yin will talk with James to find out.

Who says moving day has to be stressful? Diana Frances tells us how one good friend made her moving day fun... and kinda hot.

Sometimes the hardest part of moving is what (or who) you leave behind... and, of course, the visa requirements. Frannie Holder of Montreal hip-hop group Random Recipe will tell us about her struggles with both - and play us some live music.

How do you make moving day more stressful? How about staking the entire future of your romantic relationship on it? We'll check in with lovebirds Emily Essert and Michael Ethen, on their first day in their new place.

It's hard enough moving yourself. But what if you're unable to do your own packing and moving - and you have to let someone else do it? Carly Stasko will tell us how being moved by others moved her.

And here's this week's playlist:

Loudon Wainwright III - "Moving Day"
Sweet Thing - "Lorraine"
Charles F. (of Winter Gloves) - "Plastic Slides" (live on DNTO)
Elizabeth Shepherd - "Seven Bucks"
Allison Lickley - "I Saw You"
Bran Van 3000 - "Astounded"
Hilary Grist - "Stick of Dynamite"
Tom Petty - "Time To Move On"
Random Recipe - "Ship Wreck" (live on DNTO)
The Beatles - "Inner Light"
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