DNTO June 26: The show must go on! Or must it...?

It's show biz gospel... and also the approach we often take to our own lives. But as Noel Coward said, "why must the show go on?"

This week we'll hear from people who pressed on with the show... and others who decided to call it quits.

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Anyone who works in a live performance environment knows that sometimes, the show makes it awfully difficult to carry on... we'll hear radio host Lori Stahlbrand's story of the call-in show gone wrong.

When she first started out as a reporter, Allison Devereaux was an ambitious, career-oriented journalist stationed in Hawaii at a small newspaper. Sounds like fun in the sun, right? Not so much. A month into her six-month contract, she started to realize it wasn't the most stable workplace.... and she'll tell us why.

How do you go on fighting for what you believe in when you're imprisoned, tortured, and denied your most basic human rights? Ali Saeed was a trade union activist in Ethiopia in the 1970s, fighting for political change - including the emancipation of women. It was a role that didn't sit well with Ethiopia's military dictatorship. He'll tell us how - and why - he kept fighting.

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were faced with a major crisis? Would you be able to bounce back? It turns out people who do persevere have something in common. DNTO's Tori Allen will tell us what that is. (And for more on the subject, check out Dr. Darlene Kordich Hall's website.)

In the film industry, the show must go on... even if you have no crew just before shooting and you don't have any money. That was kinda the position the producers of the movie The Divide found themselves in. The post-apocalyptic thriller was slated to start shooting in Winnipeg last month... but it almost didn't happen at all. We'll talk to one of the producers, Nathaniel Rollo, about what happened... and chat with a couple of the surprising backers who stepped in to help the show go on.

When you split, should you go on being friends? Or is it better to call the whole thing off? Comedian Tim "Big Daddy Tazz" Norris will tell us why he thinks he has the most functionally-dysfunctional relationship with his ex... and her ex...

Touring musicians know the show must go on... even when you experience a wee "wardrobe malfunction." Leela Gilday will tell us about her onstage disaster... and play us a tune, live-in-studio.

Chandra Mayor and friends were determined to keep Ms. Purdy's, North America's oldest continually-operating lesbian bar, running... in spite of the fact that the money that the bar absolutely, positively had to have in the bank first thing in the morning was locked in a safe. At 3:00 a.m. And she'd just broken the handle to said safe. And didn't have the combination. Did the show go on? We'll find out.

Actors are a resilient bunch - they'll perform with broken ankles, broken props, and broken sets. But can the show go on when you've got a broken heart? Diane Flacks will tell us her story.

So often we're told "Never give up! Don't quit!" As if quitting automatically makes you a failure. So we end up staying with things when we shouldn't. But everyone has a breaking point. Sook-Yin will take her mic to the street to find out when you decided enough was enough.

And then, Sook-Yin will share her own tale of giving up on the show: specifically, the gong show of door-to-door meat sales.

Sometimes, quitting is actually harder than carrying on with the status quo. We'll meet Roz Savage, a woman who quit pretty much everything ... career, husband, car, home ... and find out what she's doing now. Here's a hint: It takes a lot of gumption... and paddling.

Mike O'Brien had a hard time quitting relationships... until one day, he rather unexpectedly discovered a way to end one relationship for good. He may not recommend it... but he'll tell you how it happened.

And here's this week's playlist:

Stars - "Fixed"
David Celia - "Turnout"
Danny Michel - "Maybe You Can Find It In Your Heart"
Kanye West feat. Daft Punk - "Stronger"
You Say Party - "Laura Palmer's Prom"
The Roots feat. Joanna Newsom - "Right On"
Leela Gilday - "The End Of the Day" (live in studio)
Frazey Ford - "Firecracker"
Peter Bjorn and John - "Let's Call It Off"
Veda Hille - "Lucklucky"
Ghostkeeper - "By Morning"

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