DNTO May 29 (The "Losing Control" Show)

It can be terrifying... but what do you gain when you give up control? We'll find out this week.

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You may feel like you're in control behind the wheel of a car. But as Kelly Nakatsuka found out, that's usually an illusion. He'll tell us his story.

When did you lose control... and was it actually a good thing? Sook-Yin takes her mic to the street to find out.

When Alex Sabine and her friend Luke kicked off their eight-month road trip, she didn't bother packing a guide book or researching her destinations. In fact, Alex didn't plan her trip at all. Instead, she gave that power to anyone who dropped by her website with a suggestion or direction. We'll find out how her "out-of-control" trip is working out.

A brand new teacher, a class of eager young students, and none of them speak your language...how hard can it be? Pretty hard, actually. Laurie Dawson tells us what happened when she tried to reign in the unruly three-year-olds... and what she learned by losing control of her classroom.

When Grant Lawrence's parents went away on vacation, he did the only thing a responsible teen could do: he threw a massive house party. And he was pretty sure he had it under control... until the police showed up. He'll tell us what happened.

She couldn't talk, read, or think logically...  but brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor discovered something during her stroke that has changed the way she looks at the brain. We'll find out why she calls it her "stroke of insight." (You can see a video of Jill talking about the experience here.)

Your home is your castle... so what happens when you're not in control of it? Rachel Sanders look into the weird, controlling world of the "condo board.

Diane Flacks comes in to talk about you, your kids, and control... and why when you give it up, you'll probably end up with a reptile in your house.

Speaking of reptiles... Australian singer-songwriter, didgeridoo whiz, and world music superstar Xavier Rudd recently had a pretty profound experience with a snake after biking through the Australian Ironbark Basin... and completely wiping out. He'll tell us why the experience was a life-changing moment, and play us a tune live-in-studio.

Losing control of your finances is something most of us avoid. But John Robbins (heir to a certain ice cream empire...) lost control of a fortune not once, but twice. For him, that's turned out to be a good thing. Sook-Yin will chat with him to find out why.

And here's this week's playlist:

Arcade Fire - "The Suburbs"
Lido Pimienta - "Mueve"
Van Morrison - "Gloria"
LCD Soundsystem - "Drunk Girls"
Shad - "Rose Garden"
Adrienne Pierce - "Museum"
The Deadly Snakes - "Gore Veil"
Xavier Rudd - "Fresh Green Freedom" (live in studio)
Forest City Lovers - "Light You Up"

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