What's on DNTO: May 1

In [your name here] we trust! But what makes us trust one person, and not another... and what happens when we get it wrong?

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Who will trust Sook-Yin - especially when she wants to blindfold them and walk them down the street? We'll find out.

According to Diana Frances, there are two words that are a sure-fire sign that the person speaking to you is NOT to be trusted. Those two magic words? "Trust me." She'll tell us how she discovered that on a very, very high cliff.

You probably think you have a good "trust-o-meter." But admit it... somewhere along the line, you've probably been scammed. Why do we fall for it? Iris Yudai explains why that "trust-o-meter" might be rustier than you think.

Marriage comes with a lot of trust. In particular, marriage usually means "I trust you're not going to sleep with anyone else." So when that trust is broken, how do you rebuild it? Greg and Daphne Calver will tell us their story.

At some point in your life, you've probably felt the sting of broken trust. Sadly, for some of us, this pain comes early on at the hands of someone we once looked up to and admired. Hockey star Theo Fleury will tell us what that kind of breach of trust did to him... and how he's learned to live with the aftermath.

So how much do you trust the people in your neighbourhood? Do you trust them enough to, say, leave your unattended wallet out in the open? Ottawa-based writer Andrea Tomkins did... just to see what would happen. Her hope was that the wallet would last a full 30 days, unattended, at a coffee shop. So did it? We'll find out. h

Sometimes it's hard to know who to trust. But there are some basic guidelines. The police: yes. Knife-wielding stranger: not so much. But as Tori Allen discovered, sometimes the rules aren't that fixed.

It's a hard lesson, but one we all learn eventually: not everyone can be trusted. What was that moment for you? Sook-Yin takes to the street to find out.

When a small-town rock band wants to tour the world, they need a tour manager they can trust. Does a complete stranger in Brazil count? We'll find out what happened when Hollerado took a leap of faith, and hear a live-in-studio tune.

There's a certain level of trust involved in a business contract:  you're going to pay, and someone is going to provide goods or services. Sook-Yin will tell us how that trust was breached when she dealt with "The Squirrel Man."

You may find it difficult to trust others. But how much do you trust yourself? And how much should you trust yourself? We'll ask ask Jonah Lehrer, author of How We Decide, a book that looks at the ways we make decisions.

And here's this week's playlist:

Kate Nash - "Kiss That Grrrl" 
Muddy Waters - "Who Do You Trust?"
Xavier Rudd - "Izintaba"
Pocket Dwellers - "Trust Us"
Krista L.L. Muir - "Leave Alight"
Sliimy - "Trust Me"
The White Stripes - "Walking With a Ghost"
Stars - "Sleep Tonight"
Hollerado - "Hard Love" (live in studio)
Tradition - "This'll Never Last"

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