SYL: Silent Dancing Queen

Greetings Dancing Fools,

Sook-Yin here, and I love to dance! But I'm a free-form-freaky-deaky-growing-tree kind of dancer. I move any which
way I wanna cause it feels awzum. Even though I'm totally untrained, a few years ago, I choreographed a solo dance and performed it. The only problem was, someone videotaped it and posted my bizarro dance routine on YouTube, but without any music! Not being able to hear what I'm dancing to makes the spectacle even more bizarre.

So here's my silent weird-woman dance number to inspire more perplexity, cause you can never get enough, right?

Tune into the "Definitely Dancing" edition of DNTO this Saturday (March 20) from 2-4PM on CBC Radio 1 to hear the mystery song I was dancing to. The podcast will be uploaded first thing Saturday morning.



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