What's on DNTO: Mar. 6

Frugal... penny-pinching... fiscally-conservative... we go to great lengths to avoid being called "cheap." But can you make being cheap pay off? That's what we'll find out this week.

What's the most extreme thing you've ever done to save money... and was it worth it? Sook-Yin takes to the street to find out.

Annie Korzen is a triftaholic. Tune in for the true confessions of a self-confessed "bargain junkie."

The dollar store: the bargain hunter's heaven and a fine chef's hell. But does it have to be? Culinary artist Laura Calder will attempt to create a meal out of the cheapest of cheap food... and we'll see if Sook-Yin can stomach the results.

Everyone's got something they splurge on. But sometimes, you absolutely insist on paying bottom dollar. What do you "cheap out" on? Sook-Yin will find out.

Is it true that you get what you pay for? Sometimes it is.... but maybe not for the reason you think. Joff Schmidt looks into why a $45 bottle of wine really is better than a $5 bottle of wine... even when they're the same bottle of wine. (And for more on the "placebo price effect," check out Dan Ariely's website and this study.)

Sook-Yin explains why a cheap date beats an expensive date every time.

Leon Logothetis takes travelling on a budget to a whole new level. On his television reality show Amazing Adventures of a Nobody, Leon travels the world on just five bucks a day. How does he do it... and why? Sook-Yin chats with him to find out.

Using rustic resourcefulness, even in the comfort of your suburban bungalow, is one way to save money. Musician Jason Collett will tell us what his dad did to save a buck (and play us the song inspired by his cheap dad).

Kirk Verner tells us why carting semi-frozen, but absolutely free dairy products cross-country led to a major disappointment.... but taught him an important thing or two about being frugal.

You may think you're shopping smart... but low prices come at a high cost. Ellen Ruppel Shell, author of Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture tells us why she says, "Let's not make a deal."

When it comes to dating, comedian Adam Nicholls can't stand being thought of as cheap.... and he'll tell us about the great extremes he's gone to to ensure that never happens.

And here's this week's playlist:

Apostle of Hustle - "Cheap Like Sebastian"
Otis Redding and Carla Thomas - "Tramp"
Serena Ryder - "And Some Money Too"
Sam Roberts - "Got Soul (But No Money)"
Pete Samples - "Between Exhales"
Cheap Trick - "I Want You To Want Me"
Carolina Chocolate Drops - "Cornbread and Butterbeans"
Jason Collett - "My Daddy Was a Rock 'n' Roller" (Live in studio)
54-40 - "Where Did the Money Go"
The Lytics - "Stay Humble"


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