What's on DNTO: Feb. 6

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The creative force of the flame! Sook-Yin in the Angel of the Apocalypse sculpture by the Flaming Lotus Girls at the WinterCity Festival in Toronto at Nathan Phillips Square.

Fire good, or fire bad? Well, probably both... so this week, we look at how we use fire for our own good, and how we deal with it when it turns on us.

One of the great uses of fire is getting rid of what we don't want... permanently. Sook-Yin heads to the street to find out what you'd like to throw on a fire.

Some kids watch cartoons on Saturday morning... but not Jennifer Quist. She'll tell us why the fire prevention video she watched as a kid made her a "pyrophobe."

Why does fire fascinate kids... and what's the line between a normal interest in it, and budding pyromania? Mike O'Brien finds out.

Doug Holmes tells us how he learned the power of fire as a kid... and how he learned that Santa can read smoke signals.

And graphic novelist Chester Brown explains how he used fire as a teen to cover up some very incriminating evidence....

We know that fire has a powerful effect on humans. But what if we told you that fire is what makes us human? That's the argument biological anthropologist Richard Wrangham makes in his book Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human. We'll find out how combining fire and food made us the animal we are.

Most of us rarely get to experience a true inferno. But every year, thousands of people head into the desert for that very purpose. Steve Comeau will tell us about his Burning Man experience... including what happened when the giant Burning Man was set ablaze a bit too early...

What goes through your mind as your house is burning? Or, perhaps even more importantly, afterwards? Diane Flacks tells us what happened when her house burned down.

In many Canadian cities, it is just plain illegal to light a fire outside. So is this a reasonable safety precaution... or a denial of our primitive "right to bear fire?" Sook-Yin takes mic in hand to get your take on it.

Within seconds, 14-year-old Brent Runyon made two decsions that changed the rest of his life. One was to start a fire. The other was to put it out. Sook-Yin will talk with the author of The Burn Journals about the fire that changed his life.

It's hard to picture a more idyllic family scenario than Mom, Dad, and kids gathered around the fireplace. Emm Gryner knows that feeling. She'll talk about why the fireplace is so important to her... and play us a song, live in studio.

We'll go inside the mind of the people who set fires…and the people who put them out with mystery novelist Debra Richardson, author of Flashpoint.

The Flaming Lotus Girls make incredible sculptures out of a variety of materials... including fire. Sook-Yin will check out one of their pieces, and talk to the creators about why fire makes great art.

And here's this week's playlist:

The Burning Hell - "Dancer/Romancer"
Michelle Shocked - "V.F.D."
K-OS - "Burning Bridges"
Jason Collett - "Fire"
Catherine MacLellan - "Set This Heart On Fire"
Jimi Hendrix - "Valleys on Neptune"
Arcade Fire - "Wake Up"
Sean McCann - "Razor & Rust"
Emm Gryner - "Rico" (live in studio)
Grand Analog - "I'm On Fire"


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