What's on DNTO: Jan. 30

When you feel compelled to "fight back," how do you do it? This week, we look at the best - and most creative - ways to win a fight.

Chris Pesto tells us how he fought back against a woman's offensive message: with humour, surprise, and about a hundred strangers.

Are elaborate hijinks a good way to fight for global change? Sook-Yin will talk with master pranksters the Yes Men. (And if you're in Toronto, you can find dates and times for the screening of their new movie here.)

How do you win a fight with a loved one... without rocking the boat too much? DNTO's Joff Schmidt gets a little help from an unlikely relationship manual: The Art of War.

When B.C. mom Jenny Manzer got kicked off a city bus last fall because of her fussy toddler, she decided to fight back. But she had no idea that her battle would take on a life of its own... and make her wish she'd never started a fight in the first place.

One of the problems with fighting back is that a lot of us want to, but most of us don't. We roll over and let the initial rush of anger and annoyance wash past us, and move on. But not Mitch Altman. He'll tell us how he created a little gadget to help him fight back against a common annoyance...

When does "fighting back" tip over and just become plain ol' "fighting?" Lisa Schwartzman found out, thanks to an encounter with her neighbourhood bully... and her Shih Tzu.

What was the last fight you won? Sook-Yin heads to the street to find out how you did it.

If the word "grandmother" makes you think of fresh baking and knitted sweaters, you've got a thing or two to learn about old ladies. Raging Granny Alison Acker tells us how she uses "granniness" to fight for her causes.

United Airlines used to invite travellers to "fly the friendly skies." But two years ago, Halifax musician Dave Carroll found out it's the baggage handlers who can be downright unfriendly. When they damaged his three-thousand-dollar guitar, and the airline refused to compensate him, he took his musical fight online. He'll tell us why it worked.

Rappers Abdominal and More or Les will bring a different kind of fight - a rap battle - into the DNTO studio.

Toronto-based community activist Dave Meslin has fought on the front lines for most of his life. But two years ago he burned out. Sook-Yin will find out why he chose to opt out of the fight.

And here's this week's playlist:

Mother Mother - "Love and Truth"
Owen Pallett - "Midnight Directives"
Colleen Brown - "Ain't Got No Man (To Have Problems With)"
The New Lightweights - "Sinking Feeling"
The Perms - "Let's Not Fight"
Red1 - "No Fuss, No Fight"
Corinne Bailey Rae - "Paris Nights/New York Mornings"
Dave Carroll - "United Breaks Guitars"
Ben Harper - "Fight Outta You"


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