What's on DNTO: Jan. 23

You may think you "own" a pet... but are we really in charge of our animal-human relationships? That's what we find out this week...

When did your pet own you? Sook-Yin takes to the street to find out.

Just how well do you know that furry, four-legged creature that lives in your house? Nobu Adilman thought he knew his cat, Shabui, pretty well. But he'll tell us what happened when he realized his housecat was a bit of a "wildcat."

There are lots of stories of animals doing very human things... like saving a life. But what's the real reason they do it? Clare Lawlor finds stories of heroic (and not-so-heroic) pets, and looks into why pets often act a lot like people.

Two's company.... so what happens when a pet comes between you and your special someone? Ruth Shead tells us why she'll never date a dog owner again.

In the mythic Muskoka wilderness, Hawksley Workman makes friends with woodland creatures... and thinks of Lorne Greene. He'll tell us about the animals in his life, and play a song from his new album, "Meat," live in studio.

Sadly, sometimes a breakup is acrimonious. And it's especially bad when someone else gets caught in the middle. Stacey Burnard tells us her amazing story of her, her ex, and the dog that came between them... complete with a car chase, a private detective, and pug theft.

Do you feel tyrannized by the cuteness of cute animals? Matthew Gasteier feels your pain. And that's why he started his hilariously politically incorrect website, F*** You Penguin. (WARNING: that link is NOT safe for work... or kids... or kids at work.) He'll explain why he thinks it's time to put an end to the sway cute animals hold over us.

When Laurie Dawson was growing up, she wanted a dog more than anything else in the world. But her parents told her it'd be too much work, and that she didn't quite have the right personality to look after a dog. Laurie didn't believe them. Until she spent a week dog-sitting a ginger-haired Vishla named Bobo...

So when you work with a "problem dog," who's being trained: the dog or the owner? Bet you can guess the answer to that one... We'll talk with Shantel Hordos, one of the "dog wranglers" who spends a lot of time wrangling people on the TV show At the End Of My Leash.

For years, Sook-Yin has been visiting her friendly neighbourhood hardware store, Caam United Hardware. But this week, she discovered a side of the store she's never seen... involving fish and birds.

Diane Flacks will explain how her life, and her seven-year-old son's, were changed by an unconvential pet... one that'll be seven feet long, and "squeezy...."

Would you be upset if your pet's blog was more popular than your own? Liz Hover thinks it's just fine.... and she'll tell us why.

And here's this week's playlist:

The Weakerthans - "Plea From a Cat Named Virtute"
Stray Cats - "Stray Cat Strut"
Jemina Pearl (featuring Iggy Pop) - "I Hate People"
Michael Jackson - "Ben"
Hawksley Workman - "We'll Make Time (Even When There Ain't No Time)" (live in studio)
Jane Siberry - "Everything Reminds Me Of My Dog"
Mocky - "Birds Of a Feather"
Gorillaz - "Stylo"
Kate and Anna McGarrigle - "Kiss and Say Goodbye"
Danny Michel - "Feather, Fur and Fin"


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