A seasonal SYL video

Hello Dear Ones,

Every year my pal Chester makes a lovely holiday Christmas card he mails to friends, old school style. Each winter I look forward to his funny holiday greeting. And last Friday, I was with another pal, Andrea, and over dinner we spoke about the importance of making art for fun's sake. She told me that at her home in Halifax, she and her boyfriend make creatures out of felt and one day she noticed there were so many of them covering her piano, she put them in a box marked "creatures ".

From these two inspirations, I took my pocket size flip camera out to the mall and made a seasonally appropriate video with Adam for your viewing pleasure. Check it out below, or here.

Have a wonderful holiday and all the best in the new year!

ho ho ho ho...whoa.



PS. Andrea Dorfman (felt creature creator) shares her story of how to cure homesickness on this week's episode of Definitely Not the Opera!


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