What's on DNTO: Oct 3

We're minding our P's and Q's as we look at manners this week. Here's what's coming up:

When you're being mugged, what do you do? If you're a nice Midwestern guy like Ryan Paulson, you help him out as much as you can. He'll explain how being polite got him out of that tricky situation.

Sook-Yin will take her mic to the street to find out when being polite helped you out.

Manners can help you out where you least expect it. Like prison, for example. Michael Van Rooy, author of Your Friendly Neighbourhood Criminal, will explain why.

According to former restaurant waiter Steve Dublanica, 80 per cent of restaurant customers are decent people just looking for something to eat. And the other 20 per cent? A bit less decent. We'll here from the man behind The Waiter Rant on civility in restaurants.

Ex-waitress Trish Cooper will tell us why she still remembers the one customer who was an oasis in a sea of bad manners.

Every part of the world has different rules of etiquette, and it's always good to learn what those rules are. Especially if your job involves mingling with gun-toting warlords. That's what Globe and Mail reporter Graeme Smith found out when his newspaper sent him to Afghanistan.

At what point does confronting rudeness become rude? Clare Lawlor looks into "etiquette vigilantism."

One person's rudeness is another person's way of life. What do you do that other people think is rude? Sook-Yin will find out.

Are we really getting ruder? No better person to ask than the great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post. Anna Post, author of the What Would Emily Post Do? blog, will weigh in.

Cutting a business deal always requires some delicate rules of etiquette -- but those rules can be very different, depending on where the negotiations are happening. When the late Izzy Asper was the king of Canwest Global and the National Post, he was used to wheeling and dealing inside fancy boardrooms. Then one day, he found himself doing a deal on a street in India. His son David will tell us the story of the billionaire and the street vendor.

What is the one biggest rule of band etiquette? We'll find out when Two Hours Traffic comes by the DNTO studio to chat and play us a tune.

We'll announce the winners of last week's one-time-only return of our "Lost In Translation" contest.

Is it bad manners... or cultural diversity? Sook-Yin will talk with etiquette expert Norine Dresser about minding your manners in a multicultural world.

And here's this week's music playlist:

Sublime - "Santeria"
The Specials - "A Message To You, Rudy"
JP Hoe - "Nicest"
Digging Roots - "Bring the Water"
Silversun Pickups - "Little Lover's So Polite"
K-OS - "Burning Bridges"
Yukon Blonde - "Nico Canmore"
Romi Mayes - "Hard Road"
Two Hours Traffic - "Territory" (live in studio)
Alice Cooper - "No More Mr. Nice Guy"


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