What's on DNTO: Saturday, Sept. 12

We're launching DNTO's brand-new season by asking: what's the biggest lesson you didn't learn in school?

Here's what you'll hear:

Diane Flacks tells us what she did learn in school that she shouldn't have: namely, that kids are really cute individually, but can be pretty nasty in packs.

Our dad-in-residence, Nick Purdon, looks at how you answer those impossible-to-answer questions your kids ask.

Sook-Yin will chat with Jon Izen, the first of three animators who've made some incredible DNTO videos you'll see right here, very soon!

What life lessons can you pick up from the movies... especially when they're your only formal education? Jesse Gilmour's dad - film critic David Gilmour - let him drop out of school, on the condition that they watch three movies a week together. How did this alternative education work out? We'll find out from the Gilmour guys.

We'll ask Ann Marie Fleming - the second of our three DNTO video makers - what important lessons she didn't learn in school.

What's it like to grow up "unschooled" - and why does filmmaker Astra Taylor think it's the best way to learn? We'll find out.

Sook-Yin says one of her best teachers was a cab driver. She'll take to the streets to find out who you think was your best teacher.

Here's what Kristen McGregor (accidentally) learned in school: you can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but you can never, ever fool the teacher. She'll explain why.

Sook-Yin will ask Jim Goodall - the third of our DNTO video makers - for his major life lesson.

You may consider your mistakes great chances for learning. But what if you could go back in time and fix them? We'll ask Jana Sinyor and Aaron Martin, the creators of the CBC TV series Being Erica, why the idea is so appealing - and what they'd change if they could.

Some of the lessons we learned in school were probably better left unlearned. Amy Salloway will tell us about hers.

So how do you find out all that stuff that your mom won't tell you? Once upon a time, it was probably in the girls' bathroom or at a slumber party... but in 2009, you can get the straight goods from a podcast. Sook-Yin will chat with the women behind "Stuff Mom Never Told You."

And here's this week's musical lineup:

"Wonderful World" - Sam Cooke
"Home" - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
"Teach Your Children" - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
"I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman" - K-OS
"Red Rover" - Alana Levandoski
"What Did You Learn In School Today" - Tom Paxton
"Come On, Teacher" - Joel Plaskett Emergency
"When You've Got To Go" - Captain Claw
"I Will Follow You Into the Dark" - Amy Millan
"Bye Bye Montreal" - Amelia Curran


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