May 22/09: Impressions on first impressions

Hi Peeps,

SYL here. On this week's episode of Definitely Not the Opera, we're taking a second look at first impressions, because first impressions account for a lot. Our gut reactions within ten seconds of meeting a person often dictate how we behave towards them. So what is at the basis of that immediate response? And what does it say about us that we're so quick to judge?

When I started working at the CBC broadcast center in Toronto, my office was beside this other fella's. He was smart and stylish, and I wanted to get to know him, but boy oh boy, was he ever a hot and cold customer. Sometimes he seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say, and then other times, he was absolutely disinterested. What really got my goat is when he'd ignore me altogether. I'd smile and wave at him in the hallway, and he would just walk right past me. I thought what a super snob.

That is until the day I saw him walk into the coat rack.

I went to see if he was okay and that's when he told me he's legally blind. Except for the far extremes of his peripheral vision, everything else to him is black. And since I overcame my incredibly inaccurate first impression of him, I've come to know what an awesome guy he is.

Be sure to catch DNTO when I visit Kai Black to hear about his first impressions. How does not being able to see so well influence the first impression he has of other people? And moreover, why does Kai choose to appear as if he is a fully sighted person who can walk without a cane and even ride his bike to work?

Find out this week on DNTO!



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