May 1/09: Makin' mistakes

Some people believe we are defined by our achievements. But when you think about it, it's our mistakes that change the course of our lives. I mean, the day's not even half done, and already I've made many mistakes. Like eating those two chocolate bars for breakfast. My stomach hurts.

And a little indigestion ain't nothing compared to those larger than life mistakes, like when that guy accidentally missed his flight on the plane that ended up crashing, or when those two strangers met in the produce section then canoodled in the Pontiac Firebird in the Walmart parking lot and accidentally made you!

Our mistakes can lead to some great good and awesomely bad. Where would we be without them?

Some mistakes seem like bad decisions at the time, but then they can turn out to be the best mistakes I ever made. Like when I quit high school, I wasn't eligible for the student exchange to Germany anymore. At the time my parents thought I was making a big mistake. Instead of heading to Europe that year, I explored Vancouver and met an inspiring group of artists who helped me on my path of making art and telling stories. Without having made those seeming mistakes, I wouldn't be where I am today.

But not all mistakes turn out so great. Like the time when I was a kid and stuck my metal hair clip into the electrical socket. It was the perfect fit, how could I resist? Well, that mistake ended up electrocuting me and sending a burnt black streak down the bathroom wall. No upside to that mistake, other than learning about
the dangers of high voltage. Same as when I decided to hammer a nail into a 9-volt battery to see what would happen. Well, I'll tell you what happened; a geyser of battery acid burnt my arm, and made me realize never ever to do that again. So at the very least, we can learn from our mistakes.

So in the spirit of good will, I will share one final pearl of wisdom from yet another boneheaded blunder. Last night, I was cooking up some vegetables and while they were simmering on the stove, I went upstairs to check my email.

Before I knew it, a half hour had past, and when I went to check on the food, the downstairs was filled with smoke and my dinner was burnt to a crisp. So please, learn from my mistake, never mix your dinner with your computer.
It tastes terrible.

Okay, so now it's your turn to fess up! Tell me about THE mistake you lived and learned from. Email your mistakes, to or better yet, call the DNTO "Mistake" is-my-middle-name hotline: 1.866.630.3686.

If we use your story on an upcoming episode, you will win fabulous DNTO prizes. So you see, there is an upside to your mistakes!




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