Jan. 16/09: Stuff about stuff

Sook-Yin Lee here, back in the hosting chair.

Okay. Stop for a second and take a good look around you. Maybe you're at home, or in your car, or working at a store with the radio tuned to CBC. Chances are, you are surrounded by many objects, several of which belong to you. If you had to decide which things to keep and which to throw out, what would you do?

Which leads us to the question of the day. Why is our stuff important to us?

There are so very many reasons for our attachment to inanimate objects. For one, they can evoke memories of people and places we know and love. In an extreme case, there's the capital "P" pack rat who stuffed so many things in his house he couldn't bear to throw out , a tower of his beloved belongings fell on him and crushed him to death.

I myself know a one legged woman named Eileen (it's true!). She grew up during the war, and even though Eileen eventually became a millionaire, to this day, she can't stop herself from collecting empty toothpaste tubes and bargain basement prosthetic limbs!

Those stories might sound crazy to you, but I think at their core is a very familiar impulse in everyone: our valuable belongings not only remind us of who we think we are, they give us a sense security. Some of us even equate those objects with our survival. Kind of like the teddy bear and security blanket we used to cling to when we were kids, only now that we're adults, we death grip our iPhones instead.

So as far as our stuff goes, on this weeks episode of DNTO find out what happens when your stuff and my stuff becomes "OUR" stuff? Recently shacked-up Joff Schmidt looks at the fine art of merging households.

And imagine being forced to leave behind all your possessions and start life in a new country......we ask one Vietnamese immigrant about his most valuable possession he brought with him to Canada.

And Nick Purdon on the strange and alluring world of unclaimed stuff.

Plus I stupidly sent photos of my office to super snoop Sam Gosling. He's a psychologist who analyzes people based on the objects they put up in their work place. Uh oh. What do that leopard blanket and green yoga ball say about me? Tune in to discover their deeper significance on DNTO.

What do you think my office photos reveal about me?







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