Nov. 29/08: Jonathan Torrens snaps!

Hey DNTO listeners! It’s Jonathan Torrens. This week’s show is a symphony of thought-provokingness, performed in two parts:

The first hour we’re talking about BREAKING POINTS! Why we let those little molehills add up to mountains before we SNAP?

But the second hour is the “when a door is closed, a window is opened” portion. Making lemonade out of those life lemons.

Or, as we’re calling it “What sucked awesomely?”

Remember when Jason Priestly had that racecar accident and flew into the wall at 180mph? Neither does he.

But now he tells me he wouldn’t change it for the world. No…really.

And my buddy Mike Stevens, harmonica master, recalls a trip to Northern Labrador that made him re-focus his priorities from harmonica superstardom (oh yes there IS such a thing!) to helping kids there get access to music, through donated instruments.

You should listen. And then you should donate that old banjo in the garage.

See you next week, when we’re in the Hal-Town-Nation! Halifax, Nova Scotia. We’ll spend the week in my home town in search of the Halifaxiest places and the most Halifamiliar faces.

Plus, I’m putting together an all-star HaliFamily band. You won’t wanna miss it.


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