Oct. 31/08: Where's Sook-Yin?

Hey Gang,

Sook-Yin here. You might be wondering where I am, cause I'm not on the radio this week. Well, here's the skinny. I've gone away for a bit, for two months. I'm taking a leave of absence because I'm about to embark on one of the biggest challenges of my life! I've written and am directing my first feature length movie in Vancouver called, YEAR OF THE CARNIVORE. It's an offbeat romantic comedy, a-coming-of-age-learning-to-love-and-screwing-up-royally story. It's really exciting for me but I have to admit, making movies is tough stuff. I'm like a fireman. Everyday there's a new blaze to extinguish. But darn it all, I'm gonna do it. Making my movie requires all my focus and energy, so I got the permission from my bosses at the CBC to take the time off to accomplish the task. So, for the next two months I am turning the big DNTO host microphone over to a series of guest hosts. This week, the first up to bat is CBC Radio Winnipeg broadcaster, Marcy Markusa. Take good care everyone, wish me luck and I'll talk with you soon!




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