Rites of Passage with guest host Jann Arden

Oct. 20/30

Jann Arden will be sitting in for Sook-Yin Lee to look at "rites of passage" on DNTO.

We're heading to Calgary with Jann to find out how we grow up, and keep growing, through these special rituals.


Jann kicks off the show by exposing the childhood hijinks that allowed her to go to the wild Stampede all by herself.

Calgarians have a very peculiar rite of passage, the White Hat Ceremony. Mayor Naheed Nenshi has "white hatted" everyone from Will and Kate, to the Dalai Lama and  even Mickey  Mouse.

Graduation is a huge rite of passage taking you from the confines of school hallways and childhood into the big, adult world. Would you believe that THE Jann Arden had trouble getting a date?!
That graduation also turned out to be Jann's first live performance, ever! Here's the story, a special web exclusive just for you.
They say that what doesn't kill you  makes you stronger...that seems to be the thinking behind the dangerous and sometimes violent gang initiation rites. We'll talk to the co-founder of the notorious Winnipeg Warriors, Ervin Chartrand.

Sam Mullins has only come close to dying once in his life, and it happened to be on the day of his driving test.

He shoots, he scores! For Waubgeshig Rice, like many Canadian kids that first hockey goal was the key to belonging in his hockey crazed community. Hear how a garbage goal changed him as a person.

What happens when you mix turning 40 with 28 years of pent-up frustration at a bad Bat Mitzvah? For Tami Gabay it wasn't pretty.

tami gabay photo.jpg

The Rural Alberta Advantage are the house band on MuchMusic's The L.A. Complex. The show looks at a common right of passage for many Canadian artists-crossing the border. RAA stop by to chat musical rites of passage and play a brand new song exclusively for DNTO.

For many young women, turning sweet sixteen is usually an excuse for throwing a wild party. But if you're from Latin America, this party happens when you turn 15. But Tatyana D'Voce decided a simple Quinceanera wasn't enough. Check out her wild party, on Slice TV's  Party Mama's.
Tatyana in Quince Pink Dress.jpg 
And here's this weeks music playlist:
Kris Demeanor - Voyage of Discovery
Brian Wilson - That's Why God MadeThe Radio
Lowell - Shake Him Off
Keith and Renee - Crying
AC/DC - Back in Black
The Avenues - Car Crash
The Tragically Hip - Fireworks
Emm Gryner and Royal Wood - If I Lose My Head