Did your "small crime" have big consequences?

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Photo by Angus McDiarmid


Sept. 29/ Oct. 9

Did you run a red light? Steal from the corner store? Or break into your neighbour's pool?

Relive the thrill of being bad with DNTO. 

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To kick it all off, Sook-Yin Lee takes to the street to find out what a dirty, rotten bunch of crooks you all are.

Do you smell smoke? A burning desire to get her father's attention fanned the flames of Stephanie Foo's teenage crime. We'll find out what happened when she stood up to "the man".

Bob Lee was another teenage rebel. On this week's show, he tells us how a late night basketball practice in rural Manitoba lead to a run-in with the RCMP.

It turns out our host, Sook-Yin Lee, has a criminal past going back to her youngest days. But she may have learned her lesson considering the pain caused by her thievery...

Teenage years are full of small crimes - drinking and smoking, breaking and entering, skipping class... And Dustin Baskette was no exception. He was a hard-partying 18 year old who ran around with the wrong crowd. But one fateful night, he took things to the next level... a decision which would land him in the hospital and change his life forever.

You hear about it all the time... big celebrities, important CEOs, or rich heiresses caught stealing. Usually it's something small, worth less money than they make in a minute. Successful people stealing the small stuff... why do they do it? Psychologist Will Cupchik has treated a number of these cases, and he'll tell us why the rich steal.Here's a hypothetical situation for you - someone steals your bike. You find it, and steal it back. Are you a thief? Diane Montgomery has a "complicated" answer to that question.... She'll tell us her story.

Does crime pay? Sook-Yin Lee hit the pavement and found some folks who stand by their criminal transgressions. Yikes! 
Hey, did you hear the one about...? Well, you probably did, since comedians repeat each others' jokes all the time. But is it stealing? Funny man and self-confessed joke "borrower" Al Rae weighs in on the debate over comedic thievery.  (Check out the video below to see how comedians Louis CK and Dane Cook dealt with their "joke stealing" incident.)

As a young girl, Ruth Shead had quite a sweet tooth. But she never thought her quest for a little sugar would result  in a province wide manhunt.
Today, Wab Kinew is known as an award-winning television host, hip-hop artist, and businessman. But he says none of his success would have been possible if not for his criminal past... and the power of second chances.

And here's this week's music playlist:
Mumford and Sons- I Will Wait
Feist- Bad in Each Other
Jane's Addiction- Been Caught Stealing
Library Voices - Generation Handclap
Hey Ocean - Big Blue Wave
Jason Collett - I Wanna Rob a Bank
Mo Kenney - The Happy Song
Two Hours Traffic- Feel Alright
Bee Gees - I Started a Joke