How do you take the "chore" out of household chores? (Sept. 24/Oct. 4)

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We all have to do 'em, like it or not. So how do you keep your household chores from becoming a chore? This week, we look at taking the "bore" out of "chores."

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"I took out the trash last night... but you haven't done laundry in a week!" Sound familiar? According to Jenny Anderson, that may not be the best approach to chores for co-habitating couples. Sook-Yin will talk with the co-author of Spousonomics: Using Economics to Master Love, Marriage and Dirty Dishes about how to keep the peace... and get the dishes done. (Also heard on Your DNTO)

A solid upbringing... or child labour? DNTO producer Iris Yudai looks into when... or if... you should get your kids started on doing chores around the house. (Also heard on Your DNTO)

Sook-Yin talks with her sister Deanna about how chores can sometimes not be a drag... they can be your escape. (Also heard on Your DNTO)

There are pros and cons to hiring someone to clean for you. Pro: nice, clean house. Con: crippling guilt. Joff Schmidt finds out (with a little help from Marie Weaver at Preferred Choice Cleaners) what's behind our "maid guilt" - and how we can learn to live with it. (And for more on the relationship between us and our cleaners, read Nelle Engoron's blog.)

What's the one household chore you enjoy doing... and what does that say about you? Sook-Yin turns the mic over to you to find out.

Chandra Mayor will tell us the naked truth about how her cleaning spat with her roommate got resolved thanks to the intervention of a stranger... and a pair of yellow rubber gloves.... and very little else. (Also heard on Your DNTO)

Sook-Yin visits Pinky Laundromat with Vancouver songster Adrian Glynn to find out how a bit of dirty laundry inspired sweet, sweet music for him. (And check out the video of Adrian performing in the laundromat below!) (Also heard on Your DNTO)

A couple of years ago Evan Wilson was looking for a cheap place for a couple of months. He thought he had struck gold when he found a room in a shared house for only $200. Sure it was a little messy, but Evan was good at keeping things clean. But he'll explain why sometimes, the least messy thing to do is let the mess build up. (Also heard on Your DNTO)

Still waiting for the Rosie the Robot Maid to come clean up your house?  The reality of robotic home help may be closer than you think. Sook-Yin will talk with robotics designer Trevor Blackwell, whose robot recently made him a delicious cup of coffee (see the video below).

Calgary singer-songwriter Elise Roller spends more time cleaning up after others than most of us. That's because not only is she a mom, raising a three-year old boy on her own, but because of her day job as a housecleaner. She'll come by to tell us what she's discovered about people from dusting their shelves and scrubbing their floors - and play us a song inspired by her work.

One way to deal with chores is to pay someone else to do them...but the reward may be more than monetary for the chore-doer. Alanna Greenham will tell us how becoming a Task Rabbit helped her go from mid-life crisis to meaningful work.

When Jen Sookfong Lee opened the door to her new apartment, she knew her work was cut out for her. The previous tenant hadn't exactly left the place clean.  But as Jen soon discovered, sorting through someone else's stuff can not only reveal a whole lot about can lead to a whole new you.

And here's this week's playlist:

Whitehorse - "I'm On Fire" (Also heard on Your DNTO)
Kathleen Edwards (w/ Bon Iver) - "Change the Sheets"
Little Miss Higgins - "Wash These Blues Away" (Also heard on Your DNTO)
Aretha Franklin - "Respect"
Bitter:Sweet - "Dirty Laundry" (Also heard on Your DNTO)
Adrian Glynn - "Master Craftsman" (live) (Also heard on Your DNTO)
Hilotrons - "Samurai Robot"
Elise Roller - "Old Peepz" (live in studio)
Corb Lund - "It's Hard to Keep a White Shirt Clean"
Wildlife - "Matches"
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