What was the result of your test? (Sept. 3/13)

Test image sized.JPG What happened when you were put to the test? This week, DNTO looks into stories of passing - and failing - our tests.

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What was your most stressful test? Sook-Yin takes her mic to the street to find out. (Also heard on Your DNTO)

When Dave Sparrow was growing up, his parents put a lot of stock in intelligence tests. His mom and dad were both Mensa members. And when Dave was seven, they took him to a sociologist, to test his IQ. He'll tell us why he was so pleased to discover he wasn't a genius. (Also heard on Your DNTO)

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You know the feeling - after the study notes and flash cards, after the memory aids and all night cram sessions, you walk into the exam... only to have every single thought drain instantly from your brain. Sian Beilock knows what you're going through. We'll hear from the author of Choke: What the Secrets of the Brain Reveal About Getting It Right When You Have To.

For three years, Katherine Grainger was the manager of casting at a big theatre in Toronto. She sat in on about a thousand auditions. And she learned a valuable lesson, from watching one particular actor - her boyfriend - in the biggest test of his career. She'll tell us what happens when the "big test" becomes personal.

DNTO's Joff Schmidt looks into the "secret tests" that we give to our romantic partners... and why those little tests can be very important for the health of those relationships. (For more on "secret tests," read a summary of Baxter and Wilmot's research here.) (Also heard on Your DNTO)

Bobby Fischer once said "Chess is war over the board. The object is to crush the opponent's mind." So what would the chess champ have said about the new-ish sport of "chess boxing?" We'll hear from Andrew "The Fightin' Philanthropist" McGregor, founder of the Los Angeles Chessboxing Club. (Check Andrew out in action below!)

Official Video of the Los Angeles Chessboxing Club from Andrew McGregor on Vimeo.

There are some tests we endure that are almost a rite of passage. And in our culture, the biggest one may be the drivers test. Sixteen-year-olds around the country sweat and stress over their parallel parking skills and braking techniques, trying to prove their right to be on the road. But as the Globe and Mail's driving columnist Peter Cheney found out, age and experience are no guarantee of a passing grade when it comes to being tested...

When you think you're pregnant, there's a standard operating procedure: you do a test, get a yes or no, and if it's "yes," you don't tell anyone about it for three months. But some women are breaking those rules, and putting their actual pregnancy tests on YouTube. Why? Diane Flacks talks to a couple of so-called "WombTubers" to find out. (See Kate's video below, or check out her blog here. To see Lucy's videos, head here.)

There's an easy way to pass just about any test - cheat. But what drives us to breaking the rules... and what are the consequences? Sook-Yin finds stories of your cheatin' hearts.

Identical twins Fiona and Sarah Carver found a novel way of cheating on a high school test. They didn't swap papers - they swapped themselves. They'll tell us why... and how it worked out for them. (Also heard on Your DNTO)

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Thanks to genetic testing, you can find out all sorts of things... like whether you're at risk for breast cancer, or whether you're carrying the gene for sickle cell anemia. For Elisha Chin, a genetic test offered a crystal ball into her future. That's because when Elisha was only three, her mom was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease. And this meant that  Elisha had a 50/50 chance of developing the fatal disease too. To find out if she had it, she would have to take the test. She'll tell us what she found out - and how it changed her life. (Also heard on Your DNTO)

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Oxford scientist Susan Blackmore set out to prove the reality of psychic phenomena to the world. Unfortuntely for her, the tests kept giving her a different answer. So what do you do when the answers don't add up? Susan will tell us her story. (Also heard on Your DNTO)

And here's this week's playlist:

Redlight King - "Old Man" (Also heard on Your DNTO)
John Pippus - "Born a Genius" (Also heard on Your DNTO)
Moby - "Run On" (Heard only on Your DNTO)
Wolf Parade - "Ghost Pressure"
fanshaw - "Strong Hips"
Flaming Lips - "Fight Test"
She and Him - "This Is Not a Test"
Christa Couture - "Weight of the Wait"
Sarah Harmer - "Your Cheatin' Heart"
Mark Berube and the Patriotic Few - "Above the Ground" (Also heard on Your DNTO)
Timber Timbre - "Creep On Creepin' On"

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